How to Reach Sinop - The Easiest Way to Reach Sinop


  • A daily service of Turkish Airlines morning flight to Istanbul-Ataturk Airport is available.


  • Such a cutesy Turkish village is best explored on foot. Make your way through the backstreets and passages in one experience you will cherish forever. You can also get around by your own car. However, if you happen to visit during the summers in your car, finding a spot to park your car may be slightly difficult.

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How to Reach Sinop from Nearby Cities

Route Distance Time
Osmancık to Sinop 104.05 km 1 hour 44 mins
Amasya to Sinop 146.01 km 2 hours 26 mins
Samsun to Sinop 147.92 km 2 hours 27 mins
Kastamonu to Sinop 171 km 2 hours 51 mins
Tokat to Sinop 218.62 km 3 hours 38 mins
Ordu to Sinop 272.01 km 4 hours 32 mins
Karabük to Sinop 290.89 km 4 hours 50 mins
Ankara to Sinop 320.78 km 5 hours 20 mins
Düzce to Sinop 456.91 km 7 hours 36 mins
Konya to Sinop 485.21 km 8 hours 5 mins