Hotel Catalonia, Sint-gillis-waas

Hotel Catalonia, Sint-gillis-waas

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About Hotel Catalonia, Sint-gillis-waas

Travelling to Hotel Catalonia, Sint-gillis-waas is fun only when you have all the necessary information. One glance at this page and you will know every little detail that will make trip planning easier. Know the exact address and check the location on the map. You will find ticket prices and timings here. If you have any doubts or want to confirm the opening or closing time, then note down the contact number to get in touch with the management. If you have already visited this place and have some suggestions regarding the available content on this page, feel free to edit it. TripHobo would love it if you can also contribute photos to complete the information.

When you are visiting Hotel Catalonia, Sint-gillis-waas, it is important to have emergency contact numbers to make a safe trip. This page also provides you with a list of nearby pharmacies if you are not feeling well. You will never know when you will need money while travelling in a foreign country and that is why we provide a list of the locations of nearby ATMs and banks. If you are using a car or taxi for transportation, you can take a look at the list of nearby gas stations and parking lots given on this page. If you are planning on using public transport, the page will tell you all about nearby bus stations and railway stations. TripHobo is more than happy to give you the list of lovely homestays and hotels to make your stay comfortable. If you still need more information, you can head to the nearest tourist information centre mentioned on this page.

Finding a good restaurant to pamper your taste buds is always hard. But, not when you are using TripHobo! This page will give an elaborate list of places to eat. If you are looking for refreshing drinks, you will find nearest Bars, Hotel Lounges, Jazz and Blues Cafes, Sports Bars, Wine Bars, and Breweries. If you are craving for desserts and coffee, then check the list of places that offer Bagels and Donuts, Bakeries, Cafes, Coffee and Tea Houses, Dessert, Ice Cream Parlors, Juice Bars, and Smoothies. There are plenty of options when it comes to finding places serving quick bites like Delis, Diners, Fast Food, Pizza, Burgers, and Food Trucks. If eating is an elaborate affair for you, then a list of specialty places like Barbecue, Buffets, Seafood, Steakhouses, Vegan, Vegetarian, and International can also be found here.

Not sure what to do when you are visiting Hotel Catalonia, Sint-gillis-waas? Check these things to do in Sint-gillis-waas to make the most of your time here.

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Find places near Hotel Catalonia, Sint-gillis-waas

  • Name: Belfius Bank Brussel Kastelein Address: -
    Distance: 0.613 km away
  • Name: Champaca Address: 227 Avenue Brugmann
    Distance: 0.764 km away
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  • Name: KBC Address: Chaussée de Waterloo / Waterloosesteenweg, 690
    Distance: 1.153 km away
  • Name: KBC Address: Stefaniaplein / Place Stéphanie, 10
    Distance: 1.466 km away
  • Name: KBC Address: Avenue Air Marshal Coningham / Air Marshal Coninghamlaan, 8
    Distance: 2.909 km away
  • Name: Axa - Sprl Fbc Churchill Address: Avenue Winston Churchill 254
    Distance: 1.425 km away
  • Name: Bank Degroof Petercam Address: Rue de l'Industrie 44
    Distance: 2.875 km away
  • Name: Argenta Address: Avenue Van Volxem 133
    Distance: 1.952 km away
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  • Name: Bpost Bank - Bpost Banque SA Address: -
    Distance: 2.976 km away
  • Name: FOD Werkgelegenheid, Arbeid en Sociaal Overleg Address: Arbeid en Sociaal Overleg - Anderlecht, Ernest Blerot 1
    Distance: 2.245 km away
  • Name: Festival Van Vlaanderen Internationaal Brussel-Europa VZW Address: Rue Ravenstein / Ravensteinstraat, 60
    Distance: 2.788 km away
  • Name: Soft Consulting SA Address: -
    Distance: 1.513 km away
  • Name: FOD Justitie - SPF Justice Address: Hallepoortlaan 5/-8
    Distance: 1.43 km away
  • Name: Mission Locale d'Etterbeek Address: -
    Distance: 2.754 km away
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  • Name: Van Elewyck Pharmacie Address: Rue Antoine Bréart 4
    Distance: 0.413 km away
  • Name: Goffin H Address: Rue Alphonse de Witte / Alphonse de Wittestraat, 54
    Distance: 1.559 km away
  • Name: Multipharma Address: Avenue Général Dossin De Saint-Georges 22
    Distance: 2.838 km away
  • Name: Carlier/Michèle Address: Chaussée D Alsemberg / Alsembergsesteenweg, 149
    Distance: 0.745 km away
  • Name: Dandan/Walid Address: Waverse Steenweg / Chaussée de Wavre, 181
    Distance: 2.3 km away
  • Name: Pharmacie Mory Address: Avenue Adolphe Demeur / Adolphe Demeurlaan, 39
    Distance: 0.733 km away
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  • Name: Kings of Comedy Club Address: 489, Chaussée de Boondael
    Distance: 2.684 km away
  • Name: 't Kelderke Address: 15, grand Place
    Distance: 2.843 km away
  • Name: Le Cercle Address: Rue Ravenstein 58
    Distance: 2.777 km away
  • Name: Le Roy d'Espagne Address: Grand-Place 1
    Distance: 2.917 km away
  • Name: Manneken Pis Address: Lievevrouwbroerssstraat 31-33 Rue des Grands Carmes
    Distance: 2.689 km away
  • Name: Delecta Address: Rue Lannoy 2
    Distance: 1.336 km away
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  • Name: Waterloo Bar Address: -
    Distance: 2.706 km away
  • Name: Lobby Bar De L'Hotel Amigo Address: Vruntstraat 1 Rue de l'Amigo
    Distance: 2.843 km away
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  • Name: The Music Village Address: Rue des Pierres 50
    Distance: 2.901 km away
  • Name: Sounds Jazz Club Address: Rue De La Tulipe 28
    Distance: 1.796 km away
  • Name: Grain d'Orge Address: Chaussée de Wavre 142
    Distance: 2.019 km away
  • Name: Le Tavernier Address: 445, Chaussée de Boondael
    Distance: 2.581 km away
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  • Name: De Valera's Address: 17, Place Flagey
    Distance: 1.513 km away
  • Name: Le Bar d'Ixelles Address: Chaussée de Boondael 465
    Distance: 2.626 km away
  • Name: Lucky Club Address: Avenue des Saisons, 92
    Distance: 2.457 km away
  • Name: Fat Boy's Sports Bar & Grill Address: 5 Place du Luxembourg & 36 Avenue de Cortenbergh
    Distance: 2.449 km away
  • Name: Pool Gate Address: 100, Chaussee de Wavre
    Distance: 1.983 km away
  • Name: Zywiec Address: -
    Distance: 2.54 km away
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  • Name: 13 Degrés Address: Place Jourdan 49
    Distance: 2.665 km away
  • Name: Tous les Jeudis La Place Art Bar Address: 33D Place Du Chatelain
    Distance: 0.648 km away
  • Name: Le Bar à Gilles Address: 28, parvis Saint-Gilles
    Distance: 1.206 km away
  • Name: Les Caves du Sablon Address: Rue des Pigeons 9
    Distance: 2.243 km away
  • Name: Oeno TK Address: 31 rue Africaine
    Distance: 0.483 km away
  • Name: Le Petit Canon Address: Rue Lesbroussart 91
    Distance: 1.238 km away
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  • Name: Shoresh Address: Rue Henri Wafelaerts 12, Henri Wafelaertsstraat 12
    Distance: 0.276 km away
  • Name: Club Sandwich Address: Keizerlaan 4
    Distance: 2.48 km away
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  • Name: Il Gelato Address: rue Vanderkindere 168
    Distance: 0.901 km away
  • Name: Le Pain Quotidien Address: Rue des Sablons 11
    Distance: 2.158 km away
  • Name: Maison Dandoy Address: Rue Charles Buls 14
    Distance: 2.81 km away
  • Name: Au Vieux Petrin Address: Chaussée d'Alsemberg 57
    Distance: 0.791 km away
  • Name: Le Pain Quotidien Address: Chaussée de Waterloo 515
    Distance: 0.489 km away
  • Name: Pastelaria Garcia Address: Avenue de la Couronne 75, Kroonlaan 75
    Distance: 2.081 km away
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  • Name: Lola Address: Place du Grand Sablon 33
    Distance: 2.209 km away
  • Name: Le Variétés Address: Place Sainte-Croix 4
    Distance: 1.544 km away
  • Name: Bar Parallele Address: Place Fernand Cocq 27
    Distance: 1.696 km away
  • Name: La Boule d'Or Address: Avenue du Parc 116
    Distance: 1.059 km away
  • Name: Les Gens Que J'Aime Address: 15-17, rue du Midi
    Distance: 2.919 km away
  • Name: Brussels Grill Address: Avenue de la Toison d'Or, 7
    Distance: 1.975 km away
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  • Name: Mim Address: Rue Montagne de la Cour 2
    Distance: 2.462 km away
  • Name: Comptoir Florian Address: Sint-Bonifaasstraat 17 Rue Saint-Boniface
    Distance: 1.885 km away
  • Name: Au Vieux Spijtigen Duivel Address: Chaussée d'Alsemberg 621
    Distance: 1.831 km away
  • Name: Poechenellekelder Address: Rue du Chêne 5
    Distance: 2.67 km away
  • Name: Tea & Eat Address: Rue de Stassart 121
    Distance: 1.513 km away
  • Name: Brasseries Georges Address: Avenue Winston Churchill 259
    Distance: 1.478 km away
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  • Name: Italian Choice SCRL Address: Chaussée de Charleroi / Charleroise Steenweg, 218
    Distance: 0.357 km away
  • Name: La Cucina Delle Zie Address: Rue de l'Arbre-Bénit 26
    Distance: 1.659 km away
  • Name: Galler Grand Place Address: Petite Rue Au Beurre / Korte Boterstraat, 44
    Distance: 2.938 km away
  • Name: Les Chocolats du Sablon SA Address: Rue des Minimes 1
    Distance: 2.273 km away
  • Name: Hot Chocolate/Leonidas Address: Boondaalse Steenweg / Chaussée de Boondael, 451
    Distance: 2.592 km away
  • Name: Caris Et Caris Address: Rue Lebeau / Lebeaustraat, 79
    Distance: 2.348 km away
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  • Name: Glacier Zizi Address: rue de la mutualité 57A
    Distance: 0.973 km away
  • Name: Capoue Glacier Address: 395/A Chaussée de Boondael
    Distance: 2.484 km away
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  • Name: Bon Address: -
    Distance: 2.816 km away
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  • Name: La Rose Blanche Address: Grand Place 11
    Distance: 2.832 km away
  • Name: Cave du Roy Address: Grand Place 14
    Distance: 2.833 km away
  • Name: Bazaar Address: Rue des Capucins 63
    Distance: 1.886 km away
  • Name: Yen Address: Rue Lesbroussart 49
    Distance: 1.331 km away
  • Name: Nüetnigenough Address: Rue du Lombard 25
    Distance: 2.797 km away
  • Name: Le Perroquet Address: Rue Watteeu 31
    Distance: 2.082 km away
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  • Name: Little Havana Address: Chaussée de Charleroi, 116-2B
    Distance: 0.75 km away
  • Name: Boston Steak House Address: 2, avenue de la Toison d'Or
    Distance: 2.013 km away
  • Name: Hard Rock Cafe Brussels Address: Grand Place 12A
    Distance: 2.83 km away
  • Name: Le Balmoral Address: Place Georges Brugmann 21
    Distance: 0.439 km away
  • Name: Malcour Address: Place Du Grand Sablon / Grote Zavel, 18
    Distance: 2.248 km away
  • Name: Chi-Chi's Address: Avenue de la Couronne 445
    Distance: 2.733 km away
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  • Name: La Cité du Dragon Address: 1024, chaussée de Waterloo
    Distance: 2.761 km away
  • Name: Eat East Address: Chaussée de Waterloo 905
    Distance: 1.878 km away
  • Name: Bois Savanes in Town Address: 69, rue Froissart
    Distance: 2.943 km away
  • Name: Pacifique Address: Boulevard Général Jacques 115
    Distance: 2.077 km away
  • Name: Les Larmes du Tigre Address: 21, rue de Wynants
    Distance: 1.65 km away
  • Name: Exodus Address: Chaussée de Boondael 360
    Distance: 2.332 km away
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  • Name: Les Enfants Du Piree Address: Chaussée d'Alsemberg 572
    Distance: 1.884 km away
  • Name: La Braise Address: Rue de Moscou 32
    Distance: 1.235 km away
  • Name: Lettre à Elise Address: 508, Chaussée de Waterloo
    Distance: 0.491 km away
  • Name: Brussels-Grill Restaurant Address: Rue Marche Aux Herbes 89
    Distance: 2.88 km away
  • Name: Zanzibar Address: 318, Rue Haute
    Distance: 1.603 km away
  • Name: Le Marceau Address: Rue de la Paix, 15
    Distance: 1.814 km away
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  • Name: Le Cercle des Voyageurs Address: Rue des Grands Carmes 18
    Distance: 2.723 km away
  • Name: Le Gout Des Autres Address: 66 Rue Ravenstein
    Distance: 2.77 km away
  • Name: Arabian Lounge & Restaurant Address: Chaussée d'Ixelles 298
    Distance: 1.531 km away
  • Name: Basil & Co Brussels Louise Address: Avenue Louise 156
    Distance: 1.127 km away
  • Name: La Chine Address: Rue des Bouchers 55
    Distance: 2.962 km away
  • Name: El Turco Address: Troonstraat 73 Rue du Trône
    Distance: 2.197 km away
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  • Name: Cool Bun Address: Rue Berckmans 34
    Distance: 1.204 km away
  • Name: Les Super Filles du Tram Address: 22, rue Lesbroussart
    Distance: 1.444 km away
  • Name: Burger Republic Address: 7, Chaussée de Vleurgat
    Distance: 1.48 km away
  • Name: The Black Sheep Address: Chausée de Boondael 8
    Distance: 1.663 km away
  • Name: Old Wild West Steak House Address: Rue Henri Maus 45
    Distance: 2.959 km away
  • Name: Comics Cafe Address: Place du Grand Sablon 8
    Distance: 2.272 km away
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  • Name: O Chinoise Riz Address: Rue de l'Aqueduc 94
    Distance: 0.638 km away
  • Name: Confucius Address: Rue Capitaine Crespel 12
    Distance: 1.692 km away
  • Name: Imperial Palace Address: Rue du Bailli 46
    Distance: 0.847 km away
  • Name: Dam Sum Address: Parvis de la Trinite 11
    Distance: 0.64 km away
  • Name: Chao Chow City Address: 89-91, Boulevard Anspach
    Distance: 2.975 km away
  • Name: New China sprl Address: Tenbos / Tenbosch, 24
    Distance: 0.95 km away
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  • Name: Caffè al Dente Address: Rue du Doyenné 85/87
    Distance: 2.169 km away
  • Name: Gaudron Address: Place Georges Brugmann 3
    Distance: 0.368 km away
  • Name: L'Atelier de la Truffe Noire Address: 300, avenue Louise
    Distance: 1.094 km away
  • Name: Gazzetta Address: 12 Rue de la Longue Haie
    Distance: 1.285 km away
  • Name: El Vasco Address: Rue du Page 34
    Distance: 0.495 km away
  • Name: Philema Address: 437, chaussée de Waterloo
    Distance: 0.274 km away
View On Map
  • Name: Al Barmaki Address: Rue des Eperonniers 67
    Distance: 2.698 km away
  • Name: Chou Address: Place de Londres 4
    Distance: 2.151 km away
  • Name: Kwint Address: Mont des Arts 1
    Distance: 2.59 km away
  • Name: Quartier Libre Address: Rue Lesbroussart 16
    Distance: 1.453 km away
  • Name: L'amour Fou Address: 185, Chaussée d'Ixelles
    Distance: 1.619 km away
  • Name: Prélude Address: 82-84, rue Antoine Bréart
    Distance: 0.527 km away
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  • Name: Maison Antoine Address: Place Jourdan 1
    Distance: 2.694 km away
  • Name: Shogun Address: Rue Capitaine Crespel 10
    Distance: 1.717 km away
  • Name: Cosi Com'è Pizzeria Focacceria Address: Place de l'Altitude Cent 3
    Distance: 1.214 km away
  • Name: Fritland Address: Rue Henri Maus 49
    Distance: 2.973 km away
  • Name: Quick Bascule Address: 605, Chaussée de Waterloo
    Distance: 0.867 km away
  • Name: Au Bon Pain Plaisir Address: Place Raymond Blyckaerts 10A
    Distance: 2.022 km away
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  • Name: Mister Tacos Address: -
    Distance: 2.02 km away
  • Name: Mi Vida Food Truck Address: Everywhere
    Distance: 1.187 km away
  • Name: La Charrette Gourmande Address: -
    Distance: 2.436 km away
  • Name: Meteor Address: -
    Distance: 2.861 km away
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  • Name: Le Grenier d'Elvire Address: Chaussée de Boondael 339 A
    Distance: 2.189 km away
  • Name: L'Intemporelle Address: Avenue Louis Lepoutre 114
    Distance: 0.404 km away
  • Name: La Taverne du Passage Address: Galerie de la Reine 30
    Distance: 2.967 km away
  • Name: Les Deux Frères Address: Avenue Vanderaey 2
    Distance: 2.818 km away
  • Name: Bouchéry Address: 812a, chaussée d'Alsemberg
    Distance: 2.838 km away
  • Name: Cap d'Argent Address: 10, rue Ravenstein
    Distance: 2.633 km away
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  • Name: La Porte des Indes Address: 455, Avenue Louise
    Distance: 1.327 km away
  • Name: La Vallée du Kashmir Address: 49, rue du Page
    Distance: 0.458 km away
  • Name: Au Palais des Indes Address: Avenue Louise 263
    Distance: 1.032 km away
  • Name: Anarkali Address: Rue Longue Vie 33
    Distance: 1.895 km away
  • Name: Mumtaz Address: 64, Chaussée de Wavre
    Distance: 1.976 km away
  • Name: Shezan Address: Chaussée de Wavre 120
    Distance: 2.003 km away
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  • Name: Tapas Y Mas Address: 372, chaussée de Boondael
    Distance: 2.391 km away
  • Name: Comme Chez Soi Address: Place Rouppe 23
    Distance: 2.457 km away
  • Name: Kokob Address: Rue des Grands Carmes 10
    Distance: 2.754 km away
  • Name: Malte Address: Rue Berckmans 30
    Distance: 1.201 km away
  • Name: Rouge Tomate Address: 190, avenue Louise
    Distance: 1.086 km away
  • Name: La Roue d'Or Address: Rue des Chapeliers 26
    Distance: 2.763 km away
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  • Name: Le Pou Qui Tousse Address: 49, place de la Vieille Halle aux Blés
    Distance: 2.622 km away
  • Name: Ciao Bella Address: Rue Veydt 50
    Distance: 0.969 km away
  • Name: Il Lionelo Address: 371, rue Vanderkindere
    Distance: 0.887 km away
  • Name: Pasta Divina Address: Bergstraat 16 Rue de la Montagne
    Distance: 2.88 km away
  • Name: Aglio e Olio Address: Chaussée de Vleurgat 25
    Distance: 1.437 km away
  • Name: La Rucola Address: Rue Edith Cavell 151
    Distance: 1.685 km away
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  • Name: Chez Oki Address: Rue Lesbroussart 62
    Distance: 1.288 km away
  • Name: Kamo Address: Chaussée de Waterloo 550a
    Distance: 0.633 km away
  • Name: Inada Address: 73, rue de la Source
    Distance: 1.131 km away
  • Name: Umamido Address: Chaussée de Vleurgat 1
    Distance: 1.5 km away
  • Name: Mitsui Address: Rue Du Prévôt / Provooststraat, 84
    Distance: 0.533 km away
  • Name: Yamayu Santatsu Address: Chaussée d'Ixelles 141
    Distance: 1.706 km away
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  • Name: Hana Address: Rue Saint-Boniface 21
    Distance: 1.885 km away
  • Name: Maru Address: Chaussée de Waterloo 510
    Distance: 0.504 km away
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  • Name: Los Ponchos Address: Chaussée de Charleroi 158
    Distance: 0.625 km away
  • Name: El Café Address: 463 Avenue de la couronne
    Distance: 2.687 km away
  • Name: Chezwawa Belgium Address: Rue américaine, 91
    Distance: 0.508 km away
  • Name: Maya Orient Address: Bd Maurice Lemonnier 119
    Distance: 2.515 km away
  • Name: Chez Papa Address: Rue DeJoncker 30, DeJonckerstraat 30
    Distance: 1.475 km away
  • Name: Cosmopolite Address: -
    Distance: 2.509 km away
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  • Name: Le Livre Jaune - Chez Rachid Address: Rue du Bailli 51
    Distance: 0.828 km away
  • Name: Le Jugurtha Address: 34, rue de Moscou
    Distance: 1.237 km away
  • Name: O Liban Address: 324, chaussée de Vleurgat
    Distance: 1.056 km away
  • Name: Mont Liban Address: Livornostraat / Rue de Livourne, 30
    Distance: 1.128 km away
  • Name: Café Panisse Address: Rue du Tabellion 31
    Distance: 0.452 km away
  • Name: Al Jannah Address: Rue Blaes 59
    Distance: 2.126 km away
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  • Name: Il Veliero Address: 15, rue Général Leman
    Distance: 2.71 km away
  • Name: Sogno d'Italia Address: Chaussée de Boondael 428
    Distance: 2.563 km away
  • Name: Chez Valerio Address: Rue Eugène Cattoir 1
    Distance: 2.368 km away
  • Name: Lunico Pizza Address: Place Emile Danco 13
    Distance: 2.528 km away
  • Name: Pizza Hut Address: Elsense Steenweg / Chaussée D Ixelles, 23
    Distance: 1.941 km away
  • Name: L'artisan Address: Chaussée de Boondael 316
    Distance: 2.207 km away
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  • Name: La Vigne Address: Rue Jourdan 6
    Distance: 1.562 km away
  • Name: L'Ecailler du Palais Royal Address: Bodenbroekstraat 18
    Distance: 2.225 km away
  • Name: La Quincaillerie Address: Rue du Page 45
    Distance: 0.468 km away
  • Name: Bord De Mer Sprl Address: Rue Vanderkindere / Vanderkinderestraat, 476
    Distance: 0.947 km away
  • Name: Vimar Address: Place Jourdan 70
    Distance: 2.694 km away
  • Name: Antartique Address: 67, avenue de Stalingrad
    Distance: 2.317 km away
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  • Name: Bozar Brasserie Address: Rue Barton Horta 3
    Distance: 2.645 km away
  • Name: Raphaël Address: Rue du Marché aux Herbes 76
    Distance: 2.924 km away
  • Name: Aux Pavés de Bruxelles Address: Rue du Marché aux Fromages 1
    Distance: 2.769 km away
  • Name: Met Jeaninne Address: Avenue d'Auderghem 152
    Distance: 2.966 km away
  • Name: La Table du Domaine Address: Avenue du Domaine 150
    Distance: 2.017 km away
  • Name: B34 Steak & Burger House Address: Rue Saint Boniface 34
    Distance: 1.875 km away
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  • Name: Sushiline Ixelles Address: Rue Washington 47
    Distance: 0.812 km away
  • Name: Eat Sushi Address: 5, Place du Champ de Mars
    Distance: 2.072 km away
  • Name: Hinodeya Address: Rue du Trône 71
    Distance: 2.202 km away
  • Name: Sushi Factory Address: Avenue Louise 216
    Distance: 1.065 km away
  • Name: Sakura Address: Rue Simonis 2
    Distance: 0.736 km away
  • Name: Sushi House Sprl Address: Kroonlaan 431/2 Avenue de la Couronne
    Distance: 2.787 km away
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  • Name: Tom Yam Address: Chaussée de Boondael 341
    Distance: 2.194 km away
  • Name: Chao Address: 328 Chaussée de Boondael
    Distance: 2.239 km away
  • Name: Tchin Tchin Address: Rue Américaine 89
    Distance: 0.501 km away
  • Name: Sukhothai Address: Avenue d'Auderghem 135
    Distance: 2.927 km away
  • Name: Som Thai Address: Chaussée Saint-Pierre 1
    Distance: 2.665 km away
  • Name: Walkin' Thai Address: 38, Rue Lesbroussart
    Distance: 1.378 km away
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  • Name: Shanti Address: Avenue Adolphe Buyl 68
    Distance: 2.079 km away
  • Name: Exki Address: Rue du Marché aux Herbes 93
    Distance: 2.871 km away
  • Name: Exki Address: 326, Avenue Louise
    Distance: 1.158 km away
  • Name: Slurps Address: Rue Dautzenberg 7
    Distance: 1.314 km away
  • Name: Exki Address: 7, chaussée de Charleroi
    Distance: 1.43 km away
  • Name: Exki - Université Address: 22, Avenue de l'Université
    Distance: 2.612 km away
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  • Name: Ets Jacky - Detaillant en Combustible Address: Dethystraat 99
    Distance: 1.401 km away
  • Name: Total Address: Ave de la Porte de Hal / Hallepoortlaan
    Distance: 2.217 km away
  • Name: Esso Address: Boulevard Général Jacques - Generaal Jacqueslaan
    Distance: 2.583 km away
  • Name: Care Kroon Couronne Address: -
    Distance: 2.679 km away
  • Name: anderlecht vet Shell express Address: Rue des Vétérinaires - Veeartsenstraat
    Distance: 2.033 km away
  • Name: Total Forest Fuel Service Sa Address: 58 Avenue Zaman
    Distance: 2.222 km away
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  • Name: L.G. Cars Sprl Address: Rue Henri Wafelaerts 43
    Distance: 0.226 km away
  • Name: Bianchi Sa Address: Rue Saint-Bernard 125
    Distance: 0.652 km away
  • Name: Grugeon Garage Address: Rue Des Alliés 120
    Distance: 1.858 km away
  • Name: Q Park Address: Frankrijkstraat 40/Rue de France 40
    Distance: 1.949 km away
  • Name: Garage International A G A Sprl Address: Rue De Danemark 35
    Distance: 1.728 km away
  • Name: Bmw Brussels Bd. De Waterloolaan Address: Boulevard de Waterloo 23-24
    Distance: 1.939 km away
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  • Name: Messidor ) Address: Av. Brugmannlaan
    Distance: 1.248 km away
  • Name: Europaziekenhuizen Sint-Elisabeth Address: -
    Distance: 2.072 km away
  • Name: Flagey Address: -
    Distance: 1.488 km away
  • Name: Houzeau Address: Avenue Houzeau - Houzeaulaan
    Distance: 2.012 km away
  • Name: Drievuldigheidsvoorplein / Place de la Trinité Address: Place de la Trinité / Drievuldigheidsvoorplein
    Distance: 0.601 km away
  • Name: Georges Brugmann Address: Place Georges Brugmann - Georges Brugmannplein
    Distance: 0.43 km away
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  • Name: Brussels-South Railway Station Address: Avenue Fonsnylaan 47
    Distance: 2.034 km away
  • Name: Gare de Bruxelles-Midi Station Brussel-Zuid Address: Avenue Fonsnylaan 47
    Distance: 2.06 km away
  • Name: Station Brussel-Centraal Address: Europakruispunt 2 Carrefour de l'Europe
    Distance: 2.761 km away
  • Name: Vecturis Sa Address: Avenue Louise 391
    Distance: 1.23 km away
  • Name: Brussels-Luxembourg Railway Station Address: Trierstraat / Rue du Trèves
    Distance: 2.42 km away
  • Name: Gare d'Etterbeek - Station Etterbeek Address: Boulevard Général Jacqueslaan 263f
    Distance: 2.589 km away
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  • Name: L'Art de la Fugue Address: Rue de Suede 38
    Distance: 1.742 km away
  • Name: Bed and Breakfast Taptoe Address: 24, Place de la Vieille Halle aux Blés
    Distance: 2.585 km away
  • Name: Art De Sejour Address: Rue des Bogards 12
    Distance: 2.693 km away
  • Name: Bed and Breakfast Longue Vie Address: Rue Longue Vie 38A
    Distance: 1.923 km away
  • Name: Maison AZ Address: Rue de la Victoire 3
    Distance: 1.375 km away
  • Name: Be&Be Louise Address: Rue Paul Spaak 30
    Distance: 1.143 km away
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  • Name: Bruegel Youth Hostel Address: Heilige Geeststraat 2
    Distance: 2.351 km away
  • Name: Sleephere Address: -
    Distance: 1.112 km away
  • Name: Hostel Grand Place Address: Haringstraat 6-8 Rue des Harengs
    Distance: 2.916 km away
  • Name: Brxxl5 Address: Woeringenstraat 5
    Distance: 2.394 km away
  • Name: Cars-Club De Jeunesse Address: Huidevettersstraat / Rue Des Tanneurs, 178
    Distance: 1.993 km away
  • Name: Le Quatre-Vingt-Huit Asbl Address: Rue Haute / Hoogstraat, 88
    Distance: 1.72 km away
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  • Name: Grand Place Address: Grand Place, 1000 Bruxelles
    Distance: 2.86 km away
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Hotel Catalonia, Sint-gillis-waas Reviews

  • It s good choice to stay there the rooms are nice, and the people are polite!

  • Quiet and clean

  • Lovely hotel

  • So tive um problema que fui com minha esposa e não era cama de casal... juntaram 2 camas de solteiro

  • O hotel tem boas acomodações e os funcionários são atenciosos. Mas em um dia tivemos que tomar banho com água gelada e houve falta de energia no apartamento

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