Almáa Sintra Hostel, Sintra

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  • Address: Caminho dos Frades 1, 2710-560 Sintra, Portugal
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Almáa Sintra Hostel is located in Sintra, Portugal.

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Almáa Sintra Hostel, Sintra Reviews

  • This was one of the most beautiful places we visited on our trip through Portugal. We were just sorry that we couldn't stay a bit longer. Calm and peaceful atmosphere of the place, surrounded by nature and fresh air. Just a place to relax. Breakfast is included and it's very good, healthy and organic.

  • I just love this place! The energy is very good, the manager and her team ore very friendly people and are always there to help you. Beautiful located nearby the old center of Sintra. I will definitely come back to this place!

  • I loved the chill vibe ! And I had the best sleep during my travels! I slept in a 3 dorm bedroom. it is a pretty old building. And they try to do everything has a very homelike hippie feel to the place. the bathroom is a shared one for both girls and boys. For some people this may seem odd. The doors of bedrooms have locks on the inside but you can only use that if everyone is in the room.... There are very big lockers to put away all your stuff. There are beautiful gardens surrounding the hostal oh and there is a medieval pub next to it. The only let down for me was the breakfast! For a healthy hippie eco-friendly hostal it was a boring breakfast...bread,jam,butter,cheese, oats that's it. Thee and coffee ofcourse. It is a hostal with special preference if you like the smell of scentsticks, sitting on pillows on the floor and love a walk in the garden this is the place to go ...if you want busy clean modern..don't go here...I liked it it made me totally relaxed! But there still is room for improvement!

  • Its a nice place, 15 minute walk to city center. Just a little expensive but it's nice. Clean room. Owner gave better indications (Portuguese) than the American guy.

  • Not at all what we expected from the description on booking. Dirty, moldy and dark.

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