Hanlon - Osbakken House

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Hanlon - Osbakken House - Review

From historical buildings and sites to protected parks, Sitka has some of the most spectacular sites in the country. One such historic, as well as protected site is Hanlon - Osbakken House. An important landmark in Sitka, it takes you back to an important era. Note its age and observe its glory increasing with every passing day. Telling stories from a different time, you are sure to be engrossed in its past during your visit.

Whether you are planning a tour to Sitka or a visit to Hanlon - Osbakken House, this page will help you plan every minute to make your vacation special. When it comes to the details regarding Hanlon - Osbakken House, you will find it all here. In our small logistics box, we have provided you with the address, the contact number and if applicable, the ticket prices. The opening and closing timings are also mentioned here so that you can plan your visit accordingly. Our special Show on Map button takes you to the map where you can see the neighbouring area.

The three most important parts of this page that will give you a glimpse of what you can expect are the image, a brief description and the reviews. While a small picture shows you the view of Hanlon - Osbakken House, a small paragraph describes it aptly. If this is not enough, scroll ahead to browse through the reviews. Written by people who have already visited the place, you have people with first-hand experience sharing their thoughts with you!

It may be interesting to note that we also have a contribute feature, which allows people like you to contribute to any kind of information that you find is missing or a little different. Go ahead and try and make the visit of other tourists to Hanlon - Osbakken House better!

This page is much broader than just the location of Hanlon - Osbakken House. After your visit, if you feel like unwinding and want to know the nearest bar or restaurant, the eateries in the vicinity are listed with us. With the address and their distance from Hanlon - Osbakken House, restaurants, diners, lounges and cuisine specific places are given here.

Along with the refreshment centers, we also have a list of the nearest public service stations like pharmacies and ATMs. Information regarding the nearest travel terminals as well as the gas stations will also be of help depending on your mode of transport.

Spending a couple of days in the city can be quite exciting, as there are so many activities to do in Sitka. And if the highlight of your trip is your visit to Hanlon - Osbakken House, then you would surely be looking for accommodation option in its vicinity! Worry not! Mentioned above are the best hotels near Hanlon - Osbakken House. The quick view feature gives you basic details like ratings, reviews and prices of the rooms. A quick “Book” button leads you to making your bookings! Add all the places of your interest and your preferred accommodation to the Sitka itinerary, and set out on an adventure!

In case it is you first time in the city, explore our website and our customizable Sitka trip itinerary building tool to plan your holiday!

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Hanlon - Osbakken House, Sitka Reviews

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  • Wells Fargo ATM 300 Lincoln St
    0.244 km away
  • Citibank ATM 412 Sawmill Creek Rd
    0.243 km away
  • Northrim Bank ATM 315 Lincoln St
    0.215 km away
  • ATM 1867 Halibut Point Rd
    2.844 km away
  • ATM 401 Halibut Point Rd
    0.434 km away
  • Alaska Options Services ATM 203 Lake St
    0.152 km away
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  • Alps Federal Credit Union 401 Halibut Point Rd
    0.431 km away
  • Alaska Pacific Bank 315 Lincoln St
    0.172 km away
  • Wells Fargo Bank 300 Lincoln St
    0.272 km away
  • First National Bank Alaska 318 Lincoln St
    0.2 km away
  • First Bank 203 Lake St
    0.131 km away
  • Northrim Bank 315 Lincoln St
    0.195 km away
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  • Sitka Police Department 304 Lake St
    0.216 km away
  • Sitka City & Borough 304 Lake St
    0.187 km away
  • US Border Patrol 329 Harbor Dr
    0.189 km away
  • Public Safety Training Academy 877 Sawmill Creek Rd
    0.631 km away
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  • Harry Race Pharmacy & Photo 106 Lincoln St
    0.498 km away
  • White's Pharmacy 705 Halibut Point Rd
    1.075 km away
  • White, Trish D 106 Lincoln St
    0.498 km away
  • Pharmacy 700 Katlian St
    1.128 km away
  • Jill G. Reid, R.Ph. 222 Tongass Dr
    1.408 km away
  • Dr John Fulton, PharmD 222 Tongass Dr
    1.46 km away
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  • Baranof Island Brewing Company 215 Smith St
    1.419 km away
  • Ernie's Old Time Saloon 130 Lincoln St
    0.436 km away
  • Victoria's 118 Lincoln St
    0.456 km away
  • Kadataan Lounge 330 Seward St
    0.138 km away
  • The Pub 407 Lincoln St
    0.038 km away
  • Victoria's Pour House 118 Lincoln St
    0.448 km away
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  • Nugget Bakery 327 Seward St
    0.193 km away
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  • Highliner Coffee 327 Seward St
    0.177 km away
  • Larkspur Cafe 2 Lincoln St
    0.572 km away
  • Back Door 104 Barracks St
    0.359 km away
  • Fish Eye Coffee 604 Halibut Point Rd
    0.981 km away
  • Homeport Eatery 209 Lincoln St
    0.32 km away
  • Bear Country Coffee 303 Lincoln St
    0.229 km away
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  • Seafood Producers Cooperative 507 Katlian St
    0.944 km away
  • Raven Dining Room 330 Seward St
    0.133 km away
  • Mean Queen 205 Harbor Dr
    0.358 km away
  • Ludvig's Wine Bar and Gallery 256 Katlian St
    0.584 km away
  • Level ll 407 Lincoln St
    0.046 km away
  • Harry's Soda Fountain 106 Lincoln St
    0.517 km away
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  • Nugget Restaurant 600 Airport Dr
    2.128 km away
  • Bayview Restaurant 407 Lincoln St
    0.042 km away
  • Van Winkle & Sons 205 Harbor Dr
    0.335 km away
  • The Grind Cafe 215 Smith St
    1.267 km away
  • Orca Bay Bar & Grill 1617 Sawmill Creek Rd
    2.415 km away
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  • Kenny's Wok & Teriyaki 210 Katlian St
    0.547 km away
  • Sizzling Chow Cuisine 326 Lincoln St
    0.184 km away
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  • McDonald's 913 Halibut Point Rd
    1.439 km away
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  • Little Tokyo 315 Lincoln St
    0.196 km away
  • Asian Palace 327 Seward St
    0.176 km away
  • Twin Dragon Restaurant 201 Katlian St
    0.52 km away
  • Kenny's Wok & Teriyaki 839 Lincoln St
    0.576 km away
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  • Subway 327 Seward St
    0.404 km away
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  • Ludvig's Bistro 256 Katlian St
    0.582 km away
  • Evergreen Deli 2 Lincoln St
    0.573 km away
View On Map
  • Wild Spot 236 Lincoln St
    0.285 km away
View On Map
  • Romas Italian Restaurant 327 Seward St
    0.183 km away
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  • Agave Mexican Restaurant 236 Lincoln St
    0.293 km away
  • El Burrito Loco 236 Katlian St
    0.568 km away
  • Hermanos Mexican Restaurant 236 Lincoln St
    0.282 km away
  • Mia Ranchito 1315 Sawmill Creek Rd
    1.202 km away
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  • Pizza Express 1321 Sawmill Creek Rd
    1.647 km away
  • Coliseum Theatre 337 Lincoln St
    0.131 km away
  • Coliseum Theatre 1321 Sawmill Creek Rd
    1.624 km away
  • Pizza Express 236 Lincoln St
    0.295 km away
  • Kelly's Sports Pub 1617 Sawmill Creek Rd
    2.414 km away
  • Coliseum Theatre 310 Marine St
    0.499 km away
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  • Sitka Sound Seafoods 329 Katlian St
    0.641 km away
  • Dock Shack Cafe 201 Katlian St
    0.541 km away
  • Alaska Hook & Line Seafoods 246 Katlian St
    0.576 km away
  • Alaska Today 235 Katlian St
    0.577 km away
  • Silver Bay Seafoods 208 Lake St
    0.121 km away
  • Alaska Sea Farms 704 Sawmill Creek Rd
    0.801 km away
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  • Petro Express Car Wash & Gas 614 Katlian St
    1.055 km away
  • Texaco 613 Katlian St
    1.049 km away
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  • Fly In Fish Inn 485 Katlian St
    0.868 km away
  • Vonnie's Bed & Breakfast 101 Shelikof Way
    2.602 km away
  • Hannah's Bed & Breakfast 504 Monastery St
    0.458 km away
  • Alaska Ocean View B B 1101 Edgecumbe Dr
    1.645 km away
  • Fairweather Vacation Rental 308 Monastery St
    0.222 km away
  • Indian Village Bed & Breakfast 215 Kaagwaantaan St
    0.464 km away
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  • Sitka International Hostel 109 Jeff Davis St
    0.421 km away
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