Events and Festivals in Skopje

The majority of people who visit Skopje only see the concrete structures, but if one takes a good look one will find some great examples of Ottoman architecture and a lot more. Most of the sights in Skopje are to be found in and around the old bazaar. There are plenty of churches and mosques to be seen too.


This festival happens in many places in Skopje like the Universal Hall, the Youth Cultural Centre and Skopje Square and quite a few appealing night clubs in the city.

Skopje Jazz Festival

In October ever year, for one week Skopje hosts renowned jazz musicians from all round the globe. This festival is said to be one of the best in its category in Europe.

Mother Teresa House

This is not very far from the City Museum. Mother Teresa was born in Skopje and lived there till she was 18. Although the original house is not existent any more, there is a tranquil and beautiful contemporary chapel and interpretive centre in its place.

Vodno Mountain

At 1066 meters above sea level it looms over Skopje. It is a well-liked hiking place with paths that are marked leading into the woods and there are a few rest areas. At the top of the mountain you find the Millennium Cross which was built to denote the completion of 2000 years of Christianity in Macedonia. At 66 meters in height, it is the tallest structure in Macedonia.

Pubs and Nightlife

There are a lot of bars in the Old Bazaar. To get there from the Macedonia Square, cross the Stone Bridge and then go as straight as you possibly can. There are a lot of newly opened bars, and the night life here has become extremely interesting of late. Choose from Damar, La Kaña, Rakija Bar and many more


Here you will get everything to satiate all contemporary appetites and tastes. Don’t forget to try the well known Macedonian foods like Shopska Salata, burek (a flaky filo pie with meat, spinach or cheese for stuffing) and others.

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