How to Reach Sofia


  • By Air: Sofia airport has direct services to Amsterdam, Athens, London, Munich, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Warsaw and other European destinations. These flights are operated by more than 25 airlines. In addition, Bulgaria air and other low-budget carriers like Easy Jet, Air Berlin and Wizz Air have flights from several National and European cities including Barcelona, Alicante, Manchester, Moscow, Malaga, Bucharest, Istanbul, Kiev, Tel Aviv, Skopje and Frankfurt. You can reach the city from the airport by bus, shuttle, subway, taxi or a private car service.
  • By Train: Sofia is connected with cities like Kiev, Istanbul, Vienna, Belgrade, Bucharest, and Moscow through international trains. There are also services departing towards the Greek destinations and these, like the other trains, are also run by Bulgarian State Railways.
  • By Car: Sofia can be accessed through several autoroutes. E79 and A6 from the North and South, E80 and A1-A3 from the places in the East, E80 and E1 from the West.
  • By Bus: Centralna Avtogara, the central bus station is located in the city centre and runs buses to and from many national as well as international cities such as Istanbul, Belgrade, Vienna and Nis. There are also services to several Greece and Macedonian cities. There are three other long distance bus stations in the city that serve minor destinations.


  • By Tram: Sofia is served by 15 tram lines that connects train station, bus station and other important parts of the town.
  • By Bus: The city has an efficient bus system with about 93 public bus services. Make a note in your itinerary planners to buy an extra ticket if you are travelling with heavy luggage, else you may be fined.
  • By Subway: Red Line and Blue Line are two subway lines running through the city. The former one runs from the city centre towards the Southeast while the Blue Line ends at the Lozentz r.d
  • By Foot: The city centre and the surrounding areas can be explored easily on foot, thanks to its pedestrian friendly yellow cobblestone pavements.
  • By Mini-bus: Sofia is served by many private mini-buses that can actually help you get to the places faster. They stop at the destinations when you give them a sign, and you have to pay the driver as you board the bus.
  • By Rented Car: You can rent a car to get in and around Sofia. However, you must be aware of the traffic rules and be ready to face the congested and disorganized roads.
  • By Taxi: Yellow taxis are available in abundance and are the most efficient way to get anywhere in the city as well as other places to visit around.
  • By Bicycle: As a green city, Sofia encourages people to get around the city by bikes, especially the downtown and park areas. There are several bike rental stations available where you can rent a bike and also avail the services of a tour guide.