Best Things To Do in Sofia, Bulgaria

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  • Church of St George: A Roman rotunda (building with circular ground plan) built in 14th century. It is considered as the oldest building in Sofia.
  • Church of St Sophia: A sixth century Byzantine church built on an ancient Roman theatre.
  • National Historical Museum: A must-visit place on your Sofia itinerary planners, this museum is home to more than 650,000 Thracian treasures and artefacts.
  • National Archaeological Museum: A museum occupying a 15th century Ottoman mosque, now exhibiting archaeological artefacts from the Balkan Peninsula.
  • Ivan Vazov National Theatre: Bulgaria’s National Theatre and also the oldest one in the country.
  • National Assembly of Bulgaria: The legislative body of Bulgaria established in 1879.
  • Battenberg Mausoleum: Memorial of Alexander I of Battenberg.
  • City Garden: The oldest Public garden of Bulgaria, existing since the late 19th century.


Sofia tourist information centre will help you with maps, guides and other travel-related queries.

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Below we have a list of things to do in Sofia and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

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Tourist Attractions in Sofia

Here is the list of things to do in Sofia and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Cathedral Saint Alexandar Nevski

    Church, Religious Site, Observatory, Historical Site

    This magnificent eastern Orthodox cathedral is one of the largest in the world. Its most striking feature is its great, gold-plated dome that’s 45 metres high. The architecture is neo-Byzantine – it was built only in the early 20th century in memory of the 200,000 Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian and Bulgarian soldiers, who died in the Russo-Turkish War, 1877–1878. Inside, it&r...Read more
  2. Boyana Church

    4.5 (1045 Votes)
    Boyana Church

    Art And Culture, Church, Religious Site, Museum

    When this church’s was first built in the 11th century at the foot of Mt Vitosha, no one could have predicted how important it would become. At that time, only the eastern building stood. Later, when a two story structure was erected next to it in the 13th century. It’s walls were painted with frescoes – these are now some of the most important Eastern European medieval painti...Read more
  3. Vitosha Boulevard

    4.5 (1146 Votes)
    Vitosha Boulevard

    Outdoors, Food And Drinks, Cafe, Restaurant

    Vitosha Boulevard is Sofia’s fashion shopping street. You’ll get practically every major brand there; it’s one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world. Happily, the area is mostly pedestrianized. A number of Sofia’s best looking buildings - The Sofia Court of Justice and Sveta Nedelya Orthodox Church – beautify the street. With all the bars and restaura...Read more
  4. Vitosha Mountain And National Park

    Outdoors, National Park, Hiking Trail, Nature

    This is where Sofia goes for hiking, alpining and skiing. Heck, this mountain is the main reason tourism in Sofia even started. It is especially popular as a ski resort in the winter, when the top of the mountain offers stunning panoramas. Skiing season is from Decemeber – March. The mountain has two biosphere reserves - Bistrishko Branishte and Torfeno Branishte. This great mountain mass...Read more
  5. The Rotunda Of St George

    4.6 (1125 Votes)
    The Rotunda Of St George

    Church, Religious Site, Outdoors, Observatory

    This Roman church, built in the 4th century in a square in the ancient town of Serkika, is the oldest building in the city. It’s famous for the frescoes on its walls. The oldest frescoes however, are definitely from Byzantine-Roman times, and are probably as old as the church. The view of the church from the outside is a little jarring though, seeing how the church is in the courtyard bet...Read more
  6. Saint Sofia Church

    4.7 (1265 Votes)
    Saint Sofia Church

    Church, Religious Site, Museum, History Museum

    Though overshadowed in size by the nearby Alexander Nevski church, the Saint Sophia church is far more important to the city’s history. It was built in the 6th century on the site of some even older churches, and an ancient necropolis. During its hay-days in the 14th century, the church’s fame was so great that it conferred it’s own name to the city – the city of Serdika...Read more
  7. Saint Nikolas Russian Church

    Church, Religious Site, Historical Site

    This is one of the prettiest Russian churches – a white building of green roofs and golden domes. Built between 1907-1914, the church is famed for its walled paintings by Russian artists – murals in reds and greens and golds. Even more famous though, is the Archbishop Seraphim Sabolev’s remains in crypt. The Archbishop was thought by many to be miracle worker, and even today, ...Read more
  8. National Institute Of Archaeology With Museum

    Museum, Educational Site, Statue, Specialty Museum

    Housed in the oldest remaining Ottoman building in Sofia, the museum’s artefacts cover objects from Palaeolithic to Medieval Ages. The finds cover the rise of the Thracian and Odrysian kingdoms; there are necropolis artefacts such astombstones, statues of idols, ceramics from Pontia (now Sozopol) and Odessos (now Varna); Greek and Roman Sculptures; a copy of the Madara Horseman sculpture ...Read more
  9. Ivan Vazov National Theater

    4.8 (1120 Votes)
    Ivan Vazov National Theater

    Entertainment, Ballet, Performance, Stage Show

    This is Bulgaria’s oldest and most important theatre. The building is famous for its grandiose architecture – it’s neo-classical, and was built by Viennese architects. Also famous is the stage curtain, with its mythical firebird motive from Stravinsky’s ballet. Twice this century, the theatre has been heavily damaged – first in 1925 by a fire, and then by bombing i...Read more
  10. Saint Nedelja Church

    4.7 (1055 Votes)
    Saint Nedelja Church

    Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    This church is supposedly at the very center of Sofia – it lies directly on the ancient crossroads of Serdika. The architecture is typically neo-Byzantine, and it’s painted on the inside with frescoes by some of Bulgaria’s master-painters. It has two major icons. The first is a tapestry of the Resurrection, given to the church by an unknown woman. The other is the relics of ca...Read more
  11. National Museum Of History

    4.5 (777 Votes)
    National Museum Of History

    Museum, History Museum, Exhibition , Specialty Museum

    This is the largest history museum in the Balkans in terms of the size of the collection – it has over 700,000 items. The museum covers 8000 years of Bulgarian history over five specialised halls. Exhibits are chronological – Prehistory, Thracian, Middle Ages, and The Second and Third Bulgarian Empires. The museum is also famous for it’s ancient and medieval coin collection, t...Read more
  12. Museum Of Socialist Art

    4 (704 Votes)
    Museum Of Socialist Art

    Art Museum, Museum, Specialty Museum

    Bulgaria doesn’t really have a museum of communism like so many other eastern European countries do, but this great gallery of socialist art more than makes up for that. It’s divided into two sections – a large outdoors sculpture park, and indoors paintings and fine arts gallery, including some propaganda films. There’s no sign highlighting the gallery. It’s in the...Read more
  13. National Museum Of Military History

    Museum, Military Museum, History Museum, Specialty Museum

    This is one of the best military museums in the world. It was founded in 1916, and in the last 100 years, has collected almost a million items of Bulgarian and European military history. The exhibition has three parts – the outdoors, the permanent, and the miscellaneous. Outdoors – 250 examples of military artillery, aviation equipment, and marine equipment including missiles and mi...Read more
  14. National Opera And Ballet

    4.7 (860 Votes)
    National Opera And Ballet

    Entertainment, Ballet, Performance, Theatre

    This is Bulgaria’s most prestigious opera theatre. While the institution was founded in the 19th century, this particular building wasn’t built until 1953. Locals frequently attend the shows, which have an extremely high production quality. Productions of Wagner operas are particularly popular. Prices for the shows art generally cheap, about BGN 8 (EUR 4). That’s why it’...Read more
  15. Sveta Petka Samardjiyska

    Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    Built on the remains of a pagan Roman temple, the church is famous for it’s 15th and 16th century frescoes. The word ‘samar’ means packsaddle. The church’s name derives from the fact that it used to be maintained by by the guild of the packsaddle makers. Though it’s not much to look at from the outside, the frescoes really are unbeatable. Many people believe that t...Read more