How to Reach Somnath


  • By Air: Ahmedabad which is 465 kilometers away has an international airport. Also Diu is just 95 kilometers away from Somnath and has a domestic airport with connecting flights from Mumbai.
  • By Train: The nearest railway station is Veraval (VRL) which is 5 kilometers away from Somnath Temple.
  • By Bus: The road connectivity is pretty good and a lot of buses run on the route.


  • By Bus: The Somnath trust organizes a daily sightseeing of the local places at 10am and 3pm.
  • By Auto Rickshaw: One can also pay a rickshaw to take them around the city. This is a cheap and convenient method to sight see locally.
  • On Foot: The best way to explore the temple and all other surrounding attractions is by walking.
Route Distance Time
Bhavnagar to Somnath 198.61 km 3 hours 18 mins
Palanpur to Somnath 254.99 km 4 hours 14 mins
Ahmedabad to Somnath 259.13 km 4 hours 19 mins
Mumbai to Somnath 284.38 km 4 hours 44 mins
Pune to Somnath 394.31 km 6 hours 34 mins
Delhi to Somnath 781.68 km 13 hours 1 mins
Bangalore to Somnath 834.62 km 13 hours 54 mins
Hyderabad to Somnath 904.51 km 15 hours 4 mins
Nagpur to Somnath 968.63 km 16 hours 8 mins