Best Things To Do in Sorrento, Italy

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  • Religious places: Duomo, Chiesa Di San Francesco, Basilica Di Sant’ Antonio, Cloistor of St. Francis and the Sorrento Cathedral.
  • Museums: Museuo Correale and Museo Bottega della Tarsia Lignea.
  • Il Vallonedei Mulino: Just behind Piazza Tasso, a stunning natural phenomenon is on view from Via Fuorimura. This deep cleft in the mountain dated from a volcanic eruption 35,000 years ago. Sorrento was once bounded by three gorges, but today this is the only one that remains. It is named after the ancient wheat mills that were once located here, the ruins of which are still clearly visible. The place is an archeological marvel and great for history enthusiasts.
  • Shopping complexes: Piazza Tasso and Centro Storico.
  • Tourist attractions: Marina Grande, Marina Piccola, Sedile Dominava and Villa Comunale Park.


  • There are a number of activities that you can enjoy on your trip to Sorrento. This includes Swimming at Marina Grande or Marina Piccola. You can also relax on any of the cafes and restaurants on the coasts.
  • There are also a number of water sports like hiring a water taxi or a private charter boat trip to observe Sorrento from the waters.
  • You can also go shopping at any of the elaborate shopping complexes of Sorrento.
  • If any of this isn’t enough, you can always take a stroll and admire the beauty of the place from the lemon terraces.

Below we have a list of things to do in Sorrento and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Sorrento getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Sorrento with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Sorrento

Here is the list of things to do in Sorrento and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Piazza Tasso

    Art And Culture, Walking Area, Square, Architecture

    This is Sorrento’s main square and was once called Largo of the Caste, the Baroque Church del Carmine opens up: in its interior it is kept an interesting painting by Onofrio Avellino. In the same Piazza Tasso, the Palazzo Correale is located with its magnificent majolica cout dating back to 1772, the inscription on the portal's marble scroll ornament bears the date 1768 but it is known th...Read more
  2. Marina Grande

    4.4 (1953 Votes)
    Marina Grande

    Outdoors, Beach, Walking Area, Cafe

    The closest thing to a spiaggia (beach) is the pleasant sandy stretch at the harbor at Marina Grande; if you want to just loll in the sun, nearby jetties sports the ubiquitous umbrellas and deck chairs. While it’s far smaller than the island of Procida in the Bay of Naples, this former fishing district has a glimmer of similarity with its pastel-colored houses, brightly painted boats and ...Read more
  3. Centro Storico

    Hotel, Bar, Church, View Point

    Have a blast shopping at the Centro Storico in Sorrento. This ultimate shoppers paradise is full of a number of shops, stores, bars, restaurants and cafes. You can shop till you tire out either your legs or your wallet! As this beautiful area is open to all, there is no ticket for Centro Storico. You don’t have to worry about any Centro Storico ticket before planning a visit. With our tic...Read more
  4. Il Vallone Dei Mulini

    4.3 (2741 Votes)
    Il Vallone Dei Mulini

    View Point, Ancient Ruin, Historical Site, Archaeological Site

    Just behind Piazza Tasso, a stunning natural phenomenon is on view from Via Fuorimura. This deep cleft in the mountain dated from a volcanic eruption 35,000 years ago. Sorrento was once bounded by three gorges, but today this is the only one that remains. It is named after the ancient wheat mills that were once located here, the ruins of which are still clearly visible. The place is an archeolo...Read more
  5. Museuo Correale

    4.4 (1678 Votes)
    Museuo Correale

    Archaeological Site , Arts And Crafts, Specialty Museum

    Located to the east of the city center, this museum is well worth a visit whether you are a clock collector, an archaeological egghead or into embroidery. In addition to the rich assortment of 17th-century to 19th-century Neapolitan Art and Crafts, there are Japanese, Chinese and European ceramics, Clocks, Furniture and, on the ground floor, Greek and Roman artifacts. The bulk of the collection...Read more
  6. Chiesa Di San Francesco

    Church, Religious Site

    Located next to the Villa Communale Park, this is one of Sorrento’s most beautiful churches. Surrounded by bougainvillea and birdsong, the evocative cloisters have an Arabic portico and interlaced arches, supported by octagonal pillars. The church is most famous, however, for its summer program of concerts featuring world-class performers from the classical school. If this strikes a chord...Read more
  7. Museo Bottega Della Tarsia Lignea

    Museum, Architecture

    Since the 18th century, Sorrento has been famous for its intarsio furniture, made with elaborately designed inlaid wood. Some wonderful examples can be found in this museum, housed in an 18th-century palace, complete with beautiful frescoes. There’s also an interesting collection of paintings, prints and photographs depicting the town and surrounding area in the 19th century. If you&rsquo...Read more
  8. Basilica Di Sant Antonio

    Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    Named after the patron saint of Sorrento, the oldest church in town dates from the 11th century. A few Roman artefacts have ended up here, as well as some dark medieval paintings and the oddity of two whale ribs. Apparently, the much-loved saint performed numerous miracles, including one in which he rescued a child from a whale’s stomach. The saint’s bones lie beneath the baroque in...Read more
  9. Sedile Dominava

    Club, Entertainment, Adults

    Incongruously wedged between racks of lemon-themed souvenir merchandise, this 15th-century domed palazzo has exquisite, albeit faded, original frescoes. Crowned by a cupola, the terrace, open to the street on two sides, was originally a meeting point for the town’s medieval aristocracy; today it houses a working men’s club where local pensioners sit around playing cards, providing a...Read more
  10. Duomo

    Religious Site, Historical Site, Architecture , Cathedral

    To get a feel for Sorrento’s history, stroll down Via Pietà from Piazza Tasso and past two medieval palaces en route to the cathedral with its striking exterior fresco, triple-tiered bell tower, four classical columns and elegant majolica clock. Take note of the striking marble bishop’s throne (1573) and the beautiful wooden choir stalls decorated in the local intarsio style....Read more
  11. Capo Di Sorrento Or Bagni Della Regina Giovanna

    Hiking Trail, Walking Area, Boating

    A fantastic walking area, this natural enclave is ideal for activities like trekking and hiking. Located just a mile away from Sorrento, visitors prefer walking here from the city. The road is motorable and the place can also be reached by car. Walk through the citrus and olive groves, admire the craggy tip of the cape and observe the ancient ruins of the area. The Roman villa of historian Poll...Read more
  12. Corso Italia


    The main street of Sorrento, Corso Italia runs through the ancient ruins of the city and has a distinct characteristic to it. Lot of shops, cafeterias and restaurants make it an ideal hang-out in the city. Ideal for taking a casual stroll, the street illuminates in the evening and the view of the beach is fantastic.
  13. Ulisse Deluxe Hostel Sorrento Image
    The Ulisse Deluxe Hostel in Sorrento is a very cheap and convenient option to stay during your tour. This place is very well set up with all good amenities and plumbing in rooms. The staff is very friendly and attentive. They provide buffet breakfast. They have a bar in the lobby with alcoholic drinks and coffee as well. This place fits well within your budget and also provides superb experienc...Read more
  14. Parco Di Villa Fiorentino


    This is one of the best things to do in Sorrento NA, for both kids as well as adults. This place features ample opportunities for kids to play and scenic sights for the adults to soak up. If you crave some time off the hustles of the city, this place can be very relaxing. Owing to the lovely garden areas here, you can even enjoy a fabulous picnic here. The old buildings in the background hold i...Read more
  15. L'agruminato

    4.5 (2 Votes)


    L’agruminato is a typical garden of the Sorrento peninsula whose specialty is the position in the center of the city of Sorrento. It is extended to an area of ​​about 60,000 square meters. This is the last island of green in the city of Sorrento, which marks a conscience about the values ​Ã&...Read more