Fun and Entertaining Places in Sorrento

The city of Sorrento will not disappoint you when it comes to entertainment. Be it the vibrant shopping streets, bustling nightlife, or creative theaters, you will find different fun and entertainment options in Sorrento. Here is the extensive list of all the entertainment places in Sorrento that are bound to make your vacation a memorable one. With so many options to choose from, you will never have to worry about what to do in Sorrento anymore.

Let's explore the best places for fun and entertainment in Sorrento:

  1. Marina Grande

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    Marina Grande

    Outdoors, Beach, Walking Area, Cafe

    The closest thing to a spiaggia (beach) is the pleasant sandy stretch at the harbor at Marina Grande; if you want to just loll in the sun, nearby jetties sports the ubiquitous umbrellas and deck chairs. While it’s far smaller than the island of Procida in the Bay of Naples, this former fishing district has a glimmer of similarity with its pastel-colored houses, brightly painted boats and ...Read more
  2. Centro Storico

    Hotel, Bar, Church, View Point

    Have a blast shopping at the Centro Storico in Sorrento. This ultimate shoppers paradise is full of a number of shops, stores, bars, restaurants and cafes. You can shop till you tire out either your legs or your wallet! As this beautiful area is open to all, there is no ticket for Centro Storico. You don’t have to worry about any Centro Storico ticket before planning a visit. With our tic...Read more
  3. Sedile Dominava

    Club, Entertainment, Adults

    Incongruously wedged between racks of lemon-themed souvenir merchandise, this 15th-century domed palazzo has exquisite, albeit faded, original frescoes. Crowned by a cupola, the terrace, open to the street on two sides, was originally a meeting point for the town’s medieval aristocracy; today it houses a working men’s club where local pensioners sit around playing cards, providing a...Read more
  4. Corso Italia


    The main street of Sorrento, Corso Italia runs through the ancient ruins of the city and has a distinct characteristic to it. Lot of shops, cafeterias and restaurants make it an ideal hang-out in the city. Ideal for taking a casual stroll, the street illuminates in the evening and the view of the beach is fantastic.