How to Reach Soweto


  • By Car: This is the most convenient way to reach Soweto. Most of the visitors stay in Johannesburg and from there they come by car to Soweto. You can enter the city from Vilakazi Street. Just follow the signs along the road.
  • By Train: If you wish to come by train to Soweto, take the MetroRail suburban train from Johannesburg Park station bound for Naledi, Oberholzer (for northern Soweto) or Verreniging (for southern Soweto). There are many railway stations in Soweto. Hence, check first as to where you need to get down. 


  • By guided bus tour: Many people prefer to visit the city with a guided bus tour group as it becomes easy to explore Soweto. The tour takes you to every tourist attraction of the city.
  • By Bicycle: You can hire a bicycle to explore the city on your own way.
  • On Foot: Exploring Soweto on foot is the best thing you can do. This is because most of the tourist attractions are closely located. Hence, walking will be the easiest and convenient option to visit these tourist sites.