Best Things To Do in Springbrook, Australia

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  • Purling Brook Falls: One of the ultimate waterfalls of Sprigbrook on the mountain and a short distance walk from the car park. It is exceptionally spectacular after the rains. Enjoy a walk through the forest to the top of the falls.
  • Twin Falls: Falls are reachable through a walk to the Twin Falls Circuit. It’s almost a 30 minute walk to the falls but it's worth it. The falls flow down into 3 separate rock pools – it's a good idea to have a swim on a hot day.
  • Goomoolahra Falls: A pleasant little forest is seen at the end of Springbrook road. A zigzag mountain stream meets the cliff and small waterfalls are visible from the valley. You’ll get to see the falls from a distinct view over the rocks.
  • Best of All Lookout: This is the best place to observe scenic beauty as the name suggests. It is the edgy natural arch of the springbrook mountain with fabulous view of Murwillumbah, Mt Warning (core of the volcano) and Brunswick Heads in northern New South Wales (Australia). Walk through with a spectacular view in the forest which is full of old knurled trees, rocks covered in mosses and the ancient plants.
  • Natural Bridge, Springbrook: You will take almost an hour to walk around the Natural Bridge. It’s an easy and comfortable walk. While walking along this rainforest you will come across large Strangler Fig trees. You will be very impressed if you are seeing these giants of the forest for the first time in the national park. Further you will get a glimpse of the Natural Bridge through these trees. The walk through a beautifully covered mosses and ferns ultimately reaching the creek which is at the bottom of the ‘Natural bridge’.

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Tourist Attractions in Springbrook

Here is the list of things to do in Springbrook and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Natural Bridge

    4.7 (1061 Votes)
    Natural Bridge

    Outdoors, Cave, National Park, Bridge

    The Natural Bridge was a surprising characteristic of Springbrook National Park in which a hole is created through a Cave Creek actually split into two and emerged from the dark cave on its opening. The amalgamation of the hole and cave opening was what forms the bridge feature. A trustworthy flowing waterfall with a natural arch or bridge into the cave can be seen. One can find it to be one of...Read more
  2. Springbrook National Park

    4.7 (435 Votes)
    Springbrook National Park

    Outdoors, National Park, Unesco Site

    The Springbrook National Park is a very well protected national park that is located in the Gold Coast hinterland of Queensland, Australia. The park which is of 6,197-hectare is situated on the McPherson Range, near Springbrook, approximately 100 kilometres (62 miles) south of Brisbane. The park is also a part of the Shield Volcano Group of the UNESCO World Heritage. The park is a perfect launc...Read more
  3. Purling Brook Falls

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    Purling Brook Falls

    National Park, Unesco Site

    The Purling Brook Falls is a 'horsetail waterfall' on the Purling Brook which is located in the UNESCO World Heritage. The Purling Brook Falls leads the Gwongorella area in world heritage listed Springbrook National Park. The water flowing through the Purling Brook Falls is very clean.
  4. Best Of All Lookout

    4.7 (153 Votes)
    Best Of All Lookout

    Outdoors, Forest, National Park

    As the name suggests most of the travelers would like to come to Springbrook National Park to have a look. The delightful short walk towards the highest lookout on Springbrook Plateau passes through a small patch of ancient Antarctic beech forest. The lookout gives a panoramic view across Mount Warning - the lava plug center. Though the view that can quickly disappear in the fog and mist that s...Read more
  5. Goomoolahra Falls

    National Park

    Goomoolahra Falls is also known as Bilborough's Falls which is a small fountain waterfall that is located in the Springbrook National Park in the South Eastern region of Queensland, Australia.
  6. Springbrook Research Observatory


    Andre Clayden is owner, builder and custodian of Springbrook Research Observatory, whose spinning dome structure and two roll off roof Observatories attracts thousands of tourists to Springbrook each year. Many amateurs, Astronomers from the Universities and multi-national media organizations from around the world are attracted by the observatory.
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