Events and Festivals in Srisailam

Being home to many important temples, Srisailam is enjoyed by a massive crowd during religious festivals. Some of the major festival celebrations you should definitely be a part of are:

  • Mahashivratri: Celebrated in the month of February or March, Mahashivratri is a festival when fast and chants for Lord Krishna are commonplace. Lakhs of pilgrims gather at this location and take a holy dip in the River Krishna. The Rathotsavam festival during Mahashivratri is a must-attend as the sight of chariots carrying idols of Lord Shiva is unmatched. The various ceremonies during the festival like the Vahana Sevas and Pagalankarana are a must-see, for witnessing the devotion of people will be a great experience.
  • Festival of Goddess Bhramaramba: After about a month or two of Shivratri, the festival of Goddess Bhramaramba begins and attracts even larger crowds. The festival is dedicated to honoring Goddess Bhramaramba, one of the eighteen primary “shaktis” of India.
  • Ugadi Celebrations: With special poojas marking the Telugu New Year’s Day, Ugadi festival is a five-day celebration which sees pilgrims majorly from the Maharashtra and Karnataka states of India. People travel long distances on foot to give offerings at the temple. Many events adorn the festival that takes place during March/April and the unique festivities make the festival even more interesting.

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