Virum Algpark

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Vena Värdshus From USD 95.67 /Night
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Björksebo From USD 14.23 /Night
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Tuna Kronoberg Lilla Utsikten From USD 20.62 /Night
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About Virum Algpark, Össebo

Overview of Virum Algpark

On your visit to Össebo, consider visiting Virum Algpark. Virum Algpark is not generally crowded with tourists and visitors.

More about Össebo

Hotels like Vena Värdshus, Björksebo and Tuna Kronoberg Lilla Utsikten will solve your problem of where to stay in Össebo.

Chalk out the best way to discover the city with Össebo vacation packages. Check out various modes for how to reach Össebo.

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Getting around Virum Algpark, Össebo


It is recommended to take Taxi which will cost you roughly SEK 360, taking around 24 minutes. The distance between the two points is 20.4 Kilometre.


Best transit method is Car. The distance is 20.4 Kilometre, costing around USD 4. The duration of the trip is 24 minutes.

Public Transport : Taxi - Bus - Bus

Choose Taxi that takes you to Hammerdal, costing you roughly SEK 180, taking around 15 minutes. From Hammerdal, take a Bus to Vimmerby Station and duration of trip is 61 minutes. Cost of this trip is SEK 50. From Vimmerby Station, take a Bus to Hultsfred Kyrka and duration of trip is 23 minutes. Cost of this trip is SEK 40. The total distance between the two points is 74.63 Kilometre.


Best transit method is Taxi. The distance is 29.97 Kilometre, costing around SEK 500. The duration of the trip is 33 minutes.


Suggested transit method is Car. The distance between the points being 29.97 Kilometre, the time taken for the journey is 33 minutes. The expense of the trip is USD 5.


The most preferred mode of transport is Taxi. The transit will take around 34 minutes, covering a distance of 30.29 Kilometre. The trip will cost you roughly SEK 500.


Take a Car. The total distance will be 30.29 Kilometre costing USD 5 and the duration of the trip will be 34 minutes.

Share your experience - Rate Virum Algpark, Össebo

  • I can agree with the reviews already given. Nice park, ability to get quite close to the moose.

  • Great place for getting to see moose close up. You ride a terrain vehicle into the moose pen and are allowed to feed the moose that comes up to the wagon.

  • The five stars speak for them selfs!

  • Great people, ...and animals ;)

  • This place is usually close for Winter, but the owner agreed to show us everything, which was very nice. There are 9 mooses, and it's possible to feed them!

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