Best Things To Do in St Andrews, United Kingdom

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The St Andrews University is home to the oldest university in Scotland and this is exactly where you can begin exploring the city. Tours of the campus get you familiar with its rich history and takes you right into the 15th century.

The love of golf is hard to ignore when you visit St Andrews and being here is a rare gem for those who love the sport. Take ‘the Old Course Experience’ that gets you to all the major Golfing courses in the city and gives you a truly gratifying experience of the ‘home of Golf’.

Scotland’s rustic terrain and lush greenery pulls hikers from all around the world and if you are a hiker at heart, don’t forget to explore the ‘Fife Coastal Path’ that celebrates the North Sea and its view from the city. The beaches are just what you need to soak up the sun and unwind while you listen to the waves to later explore the many golf courses that line it. 

Golf has added to the tourism value of St Andrews for centuries but what truly keeps you spellbound is the sheer history that envelopes the city. The British Golf Museum, Museum of the University of St Andrews, St Andrews Preservation Trust Museum and the St Andrews’ museum is a great way to see how the city has evolved to its glorious present-day self.

For shopaholics, the small boutiques and museum shops are a good place to buy small gifts and carry a little bit of the city back home with you. The nightlife however, is hard to let go off with small bars and pubs that serve a great variety of whiskey, beer and bar food options. As you explore you find that St Andrews portrays a part of Scotland that is loved for its mix of culture, history, art and tradition. 

Below we have a list of things to do in St Andrews and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your St Andrews getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to St Andrews with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in St Andrews

Here is the list of things to do in St Andrews and tourist attractions in city.

  1. St Andrews Cathedral

    4.6 (279 Votes)
    St Andrews Cathedral

    Religious Site, Cathedral

    Dating back to at least 8th century, the St Andrews Cathedral is Scotland’s largest and most beautiful medieval church. The church museum has a collection of medieval sculptures, relics and Sarcophagus of the Patron Saint dating back to the age of Picts (a Tribal population that lived during the Late Iron Age and Early Medieval period). The church marks the time when the Cathedral dominat...Read more
  2. St Andrews Links

    4.7 (269 Votes)
    St Andrews Links

    Golf Course

    A collection of 7 Golf courses- Old Course, Castle Course, New Course, Jubilee Course, Eden Course, Strathtyrum Course and Balgove Course, the St Andrews Links is one of the most popular golf places in the world! The link has a history of 600 years and has been used since the 1400’s. This is the very place where the 22-hole Old Course was turned into an 18-hole course that became a standa...Read more
  3. St Andrews Castle

    4.4 (269 Votes)
    St Andrews Castle

    Castle, Historical Site

    Dating back to the 12th century during the times of Bishop Roger, the castle was originally a place where the Archbishops of St Andrews lived. During the 15th century, the Castle was also used as a prison. Toady, the ruins that overlook the North Sea offer a picturesque site of the rocky castle. A walk here amidst the green grounds, has a charm of its own. Do take a walk in the visitor center w...Read more
  4. Eden Mill

    4.2 (166 Votes)
    Eden Mill

    Food And Drinks, Brewery, Workshop, Adults

    The Eden Mill was established in the early 19th century by the Haig distillers. In 2012 the place started Crafting Beer, Gin and Whiskey of the finest quality along with arranging cocktail workshops. The place is quiet popular for its quirky ways of brewing Beer in Whiskey barrels and making Gin from Hops (a core ingredient in Beer). Take a tour here to know more about the place’s inventi...Read more
  5. Swilken Bridge

    4.6 (226 Votes)
    Swilken Bridge

    Bridge, Historical Site

    A famous bridge in the St. Andrews links, the Swilken Bridge is located on the 18th hole of the Old Course. Its magic lies in the history of the Home of Golf where many legends have played memorable games. The small stone bridge adds a subtle yet beautiful aspect to the fine greenery all around and was built 700 years back as a bridge for shepherds. Today, it holds the magic of the game and is ...Read more
  6. Craigtoun Country Park

    4.7 (212 Votes)
    Craigtoun Country Park

    Park, Picnic Spot, Rides, Games

    Originally a part of Melville family estates, Craigtoun Country Park is a favorite family place to have a small picnic. The place has a number of rides and games for children and keeps its 18th century landscape intact while still offering modern amenities. The Craigtoun Miniature Railway, bouncy castle, Italian garden, ‘Fairy Glen’, greenhouses and formal gardens offer a great time...Read more
  7. Kingsbarns Golf Links

    4.7 (154 Votes)
    Kingsbarns Golf Links

    Golf Course

    The Kingsbarns Golf Links offers a traditional Golf game surrounded by the most gorgeous landscape anywhere in the city. The view of the coast from here is magical and along with the warm Caddie service, you will probably juggle between playing the game and taking photos! The Clubhouse is perfect for a recharging your batteries while the sheer experience of playing on one of the Top 100 golf co...Read more
  8. West Sands

    Beach, Walking Area

    Known for the iconic opening scene in the movie ‘Chariots of Fire’, the West Sands beach is loved for its cool water and the view of the gorgeous coastline. The place has a number of restaurants and shops that are located nearby. The St Andrews link located a Pebble’s throw away, makes the place one of the most popular spots in the city. Take a walk along the shore when you vi...Read more
  9. St Andrews Aquarium

    4.2 (258 Votes)
    St Andrews Aquarium


    The St Andrews Aquarium is home to Penguins, a wide variety of fishes, Meerkats, Seals, Sharks, Amphibians, Alligators, Reptiles, Snakes and Caimans along with Arachnids. The educational talks by trained caretakers, gets you familiar with every animal’s habitat and natural tendency and is a great way to turn the casual trip into a learning experience. Do try to take part in a feeding sess...Read more
  10. St Andrews Botanic Garden

    4.5 (145 Votes)
    St Andrews Botanic Garden

    Botanical Garden

    Spread across 18 acres with a whopping collection of 8000 plant species, the St Andrews Botanic Garden is one of the highlights of the city. The hike through the Gruffalo trail is something every nature lover must try . The place arranges activities for children as well. Don’t forget to see the trees of exotic fruits as you explore the gorgeous garden on foot! The butterflies flying aroun...Read more
  11. British Golf Museum

    4.3 (220 Votes)
    British Golf Museum

    Museum, History Museum

    Showcasing a story of 500 years of the history of Golf, the British Golf Museum offers a peek into the beginning of the sport and its subsequent growth and evolution. You will get to know how the gear for the game was made throughout its history. The museum shop sells merchandise, unique creations of Scottish designers and souvenirs. The museum cafe is one of the top-20 summer cafes in Britain....Read more
  12. Kingsbarns Distillery And Visitor Centre
    The Kingsbarns Distillery and Visitor Centre is located in an 18th century farm that offers exclusive tours and whiskey tastings. The distillery’s cafe is perfect to have a drink and try some local food while buying a bottle or two of your favorite drink completes the experience. The tours are rather informative and explain the process of brewing of one of the most love whiskey’s in...Read more
  13. St Andrews Ghost Tours

    4.6 (64 Votes)
    St Andrews Ghost Tours
    The St Andrews Ghost Tour promises to give you a spine-shilling experience that covers all the major haunted places in the old quarters. Most of these locations have a record of ghost-sightings and a walk here with the guide, is just what you need to keep the goose-bumps going. The tour is based on the book 'Ghosts of St Andrews' by Richard Falconer and is a fun experience- especially if you lo...Read more
  14. Cambo Estate

    4.5 (12 Votes)
    Cambo Estate


    The Cambo Estate Gardens offer a lovely Bed and Breakfast set amidst an estate that belongs to the Erskine from the 17th century. The Victorian house was built in 1881 and is surrounded by untouched Scottish land that covers an area of 1200 acres! The place is perfect if you are looking to stay in a place that is not commercial and embraces the charm and gist of Scotland and its breath-taking g...Read more
  15. University Of St Andrews

    4.5 (130 Votes)
    University Of St Andrews

    Educational Site, University

    Established in the early 15th century, the University of St Andrews is the oldest of the four Scottish Universities and third oldest in the English speaking world- the first two positions being with Oxford and Cambridge. Take a walk around the historic buildings, the gorgeous courtyard, the ‘Gateway’, St. Salvatore’s Chapel and the College Hall to have a nearly ‘Hogwarts...Read more