Best Things To Do in St George, Utah

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Things To Do:

With gorgeous state parks, rivers, historical sites, and art galleries, St. George offers an array of opportunities for the adventure seekers and history buffs in the city to do and see. While hiking to the Snow Canyon State Park is one of the most thrilling activities, the museums like St. George Children’s Museum, St. George Art Museum, St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site, and Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum can make the St. George trip even more insightful. Mountain biking and golfing are two of the most popular outdoor things to do in St. George Utah.

There many golf courses in St. George such as Dixie Red Hills Golf Course, St. George Golf Club, Sunbrook Golf Club, and Sunriver Golf Club. Gooseberry Mesa North and South Rim and Church Rocks Loop provide a great place for mountain biking. On the other hand, indoor activities in St. George Utah include taking a tour of Tuacahn Center For the Arts, Brigham Young Winter Home, Jacob Hamblin Home.

The city also has places like Town Square Park and Splash Pad and Sullivan Virgin River Soccer Park that are perfect for a family getaway. If you are looking for a retail therapy, places like Red Cliffs Mall, The Shoppes at Zion, and Red Rock Commons are famous places for shopping in St. George Utah. Furthermore, if you are looking for some unusual things to do in St. George, you can explore the historical silver reef town, go skydiving over the canyons and visit St. George Mystery Escape Rooms.

Below we have a list of things to do in St George and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your St George getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

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Tourist Attractions in St George

Here is the list of things to do in St George and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Red Hills Desert Garden

    4.8 (30 Votes)
    Red Hills Desert Garden

    Garden, Botanical Garden

    Embracing the habitat of Utah, the Red Hills Desert Garden is designed to resemble a canyon area by using natural outcrops of red sandstone and merging them with artificially made water bodies and ethnic species of plants. The pathways are constructed around the sandstone rocks and there is also a hiking trail that meanders around the park leading to small caves and hills that have scenic views...Read more
  2. Brigham Young Winter Home Historical Site

    Historical Site

    The Mormons came to St George as the very first settlement around the 1860’s. However, due to the dry, hot weather, infertile soil and the unmanageable and flood prone Santa Clara and Virgin rivers that were the only water source, they wanted to leave the city in only a few years. Brigham Young was the president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at the time. To promote se...Read more
  3. Thunder Junction All Abilities Park


    With a theme of Dinosaurs, the Thunder Junction All Abilities Park is designed for children of all abilities and ages. There are safety mats placed everywhere, fun rides with additional support so that children can climb and get down from the ride on their own, a large climbing wall which is a favourite among children and big slides and zip lines that take you zooming around the park. The splas...Read more
  4. Jacob Hamblin Home

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    Jacob Hamblin Home
    Jacob Hamblin was summoned to St. George by Brigham Young in 1845 to become a missionary to the Paiutes. Throughout his life, he was friends with the Native tribes. An epiphany he came across when he crossed ways with an Indian who blocked Jacob’s gun instead of trying to harm him, changed Hamblin’s attitude towards the Native tribes. He soon befriended Native Americans too ass he r...Read more
  5. Coyote Gulch Art Village

    Art And Culture, Village

    Contrary to its name, the Coyote Gulch Art ‘Village’ is an urban space that has the best of art, events and food in St. George. The place has an arts centre, a number of art galleries that showcase the work of upcoming artists and cafes and restaurants where you can relax with good food and your favourite drink. It is amazing how busy this place really is! There are regular workshop...Read more
  6. Mountain Meadow Massacre Memorial


    In 1857, the Baker–Fancher emigrant wagon train was attacked by members of the Utah Territorial Militia called the Nauvoo Legion that composed of the Mormon settlers from Utah. The attack continued for a series of 5 days that killed nearly 120 people including men, women and older children with the exception of 17 children who were younger than 7 years being spared by the militia. The att...Read more
  7. Red Cliffs National Conservation Area
    Covering an area of 600,000 acres, the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area preserves a number of desert ecosystems with endangered species of plants cared for amidst the majestic terrain of the Red Cliffs. The Red Cliffs form a merging point for the Mojave Desert, the Great Basin and the Colorado Plateau and you can find rare species like the desert tortoise and silver-dollar-sized baby torto...Read more
  8. Dixie Convention Center

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    Dixie Convention Center

    Convention Center

    The Dixie Convention Center is one of the most elegant venues in the city. The place has a 46,000 square feet exhibit hall that is a highlight of the place along with a meeting space, 19 meeting rooms, 2 board rooms, a 7000 square-feet Garden room and an Art Theatre that doubles as a Auditorium. The plush interiors and banquet hall does spin a magic of the yesteryears but what truly make the pl...Read more
  9. Ancestor Square


    The Ancestor Square consist of 12 buildings including 6 historic buildings like Sheriff Hardy’s house that dates back to 1877, the original Jailhouse of the city, the Sheriff’s office and the historic Gardeners Club building. The buildings are restored to maintain their timeless charm and merge seamlessly with the surrounding modern hangout spots. Even though many historic buildings...Read more
  10. Daughters Of Utah Pioneer Museum

    Specialty Museum

    The Pioneer Museum dates back to 1938 with the supports of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers organization and Hortense McQuarrie Odlum. Hortense McQuarrie Odlum wanted to preserve and showcase the heirlooms of the family members and today, its collection takes you through the culture and historical facts of the Washington county and the family’s journey through it. The Pioneer family contrib...Read more
  11. Tonaquint Nature Center

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    Tonaquint Nature Center

    Educational Site, Nature

    Tonaquint Nature Centre is popular for educational activities and tours arranged all year round. Geared towards both children as well as adult, the centre has Family Nature nights and Wild Wednesdays that offer you an opportunity to know your surroundings better and have an exciting camping experience. The park itself has 8 tennis courts, a volleyball court, restrooms, walking trails, a playgro...Read more
  12. Petroglyph Park (bloomington)


    Found accidentally during the development of the city, the Petroglyph Park is an outcrop of a rock that appears to be split in half. Look close and you see carvings on the face of the rocks. You can spot carvings that resemble human figures, animals and unique symbols which are believed to be the work of the Anasazi Indians- the ancestors of the Navajo tribe. The place is pretty run down and yo...Read more
  13. Little Black Mountain Petroglyph Site
    Located around 25 kilometres from St. George, a short hike from the parking takes you to the Little Black Mountain Petroglyph Site that has around 500 rock cut designs carved on massive outcrops. The carvings depict turtles, insects, human figures, lizards, bear paws, unique symbols like that of the sun and short messages that are believed to have a religious significance. The hike itself is ra...Read more
  14. Sand Hollow Aquatic Center

    Swimming Pool

    If the Utah heat is getting to you, head to the Sand Hollow Aquatic Center to cool off on a sunny afternoon. The aquatic centre has a water walk, lap lanes for serious swimmers, a leisure pool, diving pool, water slides and water toys that are loved by people of all ages. The place also offers trending workshops and classes including paddle-board yoga, water aerobics and swim lessons. There is ...Read more
  15. The Outlets At Zion Image

    Food And Drinks, Cafe, Restaurant, Shopping Center

    Located only 1.5 hours drive from Las Vegas, the Outlets at Zion have 30 premium brands, restaurants and cafes that offers the quintessential urban experience. If you love the city life and exploring the St. George and its historic places has made you miss the life of lux, head to the the Outlets at Zion to shop for bags, clothes, accessories and shoes. If you are on a budget, the place is idea...Read more