15 Best Things To Do in Staffin, United Kingdom

Staffin is a beautiful district on the northeast coast of the Trotternish Peninsula of Skye Island. It is famous for being the site of dinosaur prints, but the Staffin and its neighborhood has so much more to offer to its visitors than just that. Beautiful pools, enthralling cliffs, fascinating waterfalls, bays and many other things and places enchants the tourists and keep calling them back to it. Following the post, the tourists can explore the 15 best places to visit in Staffin.

Here's the list of Staffin points of interest and 15 best things to do in Staffin:

1. Dinosaur Footprint

Staffin, the northeast coast on the island of Skye is majorly known for bearing some remarkable dinosaur footprints at An Corran beach. To be able to touch them in-situ is undoubtedly an amazing experience which grants one with a sense of connection with these beings.  It sure is thrilling to see evidence of huge creatures that walked the Earth some 165 million years ago. It proves to be a fun activity to hop around searching for trails left behind by some of the ornithopods, Megalosaurus and Stegosaurus.

2. Staffin Museum

It shouldn’t be a surprise if Staffin Museum gets featured on the list. This tiny museum is the house of internationally acclaimed collection of dinosaur fossils. It was established in 1976 by Dugald Ross during his teenage years and was the first person to discover that the dinosaurs inhabited Skye. The house has preserved more dinosaur footprints, the world’s smallest dinosaur footprint, and a dinosaur leg bone among other fossils.

Whether can find prints on the beaches or not, one can always head to the Dinosaur museum and get the compelling briefing Ross himself. 

3. Staffin and its Beach

Being on an island and not visiting its scenic beach seems a little odd.  One can admire the impressive cliffs from the sea level of the Staffin Beach and the Slipway. The beach is nice and sandy but can get a little too crowded during the tourist season. The Staffin’s harbor called the Slip was built in early 1900 for delivering foods and goods and serves as a perfect ground for fishing, walking or even birdwatching.

4. Quiraing

Quiraing - ImageImage Source: pixabay.com

The Quiraing is located in the area known as Trotternish in the north of Skye. The name comes from Old Norse word Kvi Rand which means Round Fold. It is believed that the fold was used to conceal the cattles from the Vikings.  The landscape has distinctive parts which are named The Needle, The Table, and The Prison. The picturesque location is a must for all the photography lovers as it covers some of the most spectacular landscapes and certainly cannot be missed to be captured, both by the camera and the eyes of the beholder.

5. The Old Man of Storr

Tourist attractions in StaffinImage Source: pixabay.com

The Old Man of Storr is the most popular and busiest walk on the island of Skye. The Storr, which is a part of the Trotternish Ridge, was formed by a massive ancient landslide. The breathtaking view makes it by far one of the most photographed landscaped in the world. A large pinnacle of rock is called the ‘Old Man’ and can be seen from miles around. The trekking might prove to be exhausting, but the stunning backdrop which seems to have come straight out of the movie makes it worthwhile. The stupendous views of the mountains, water, greenery, clouds and dramatic rock formations have left many trekkers in awe and tears of excitement and joy.

6. The Fairy Pools

No trip to the island of Skye is complete without having a rendezvous with the Fairy Pools. It is surely one of the places on the “must visit” list of the wild swimmers. The icy water of Allt Coir a Mhadaidh flows down into a series of waterfalls and pools enticing visitors from all over the world. The surrounding area serves as the habitat for a variety of animals such as rabbits, sheep, and red deer. Large flocks of crows, ravens, grey herons and curlews can also be spotted. Even if one is not brave enough to jump into the cold water, these mesmerizing pools can make some great Instagram entries. 

7. Kilt Rock

Staffin attractionsImage Source: pixabay.com

Situated 2.7 km away from Staffin, the great 90-meter high Kilt Rock made of basalt columns has a striking resemblance to a pleated kilt. The Mealt waterfall fed from the Mealt Loch plummets from the top of the cliff making it an enchanting sight. The attracting to this location is not limited to visual treats only. If one is lucky enough to have strong winds blowing while observing the wondrous sights, he or she might also be able to hear a beautiful yet haunting tone which seems to be originating from the surrounding area.

8. Bearreraig Bay

The area between Portree and Staffin, Bearreraig Bay is fairly unknown to tourists but serve as a perfect location for fossil collectors. It is an internationally important site with an abundance of fossils especially of Belemnites and ammonites being found here. Fossils of prehistoric shellfish, scallops, oysters, bits of plants and wood can also be discovered here. It is also one of the sites where dinosaur skeletons have been found. The commercial collection of fossils dating back to the period when the bay was a tropical sea is a common practice.

9. Lealt Falls

Lealt waterfall is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful waterfalls found in the United Kingdom. Located seven km south of the Staffin, it lies in a gorge and is easy to reach. Even though the waterfall is small, but the view from the cliff top is terrific. The entire area is pleasant to be around while admiring the stunning shoreline from the vantage point on the cliff top.

10. The Fairy Glen

The Fairy Glen is not one of the main attractions of the Isle of Skye but is one of the most magnificent and enchanting ones. Even though there is no definitive folklore associated with the Fairy Glen, however, some locals believe that this magical landscape was created by the fairies and still dwell within its many crevices. The small area adorned with natural rock formations, cone-shaped hills, ponds and scattered waterfalls looks like something out of a fairytale book and seems nothing less than a geological wonder. If one does not believe in fairies, the location is sure to make one believe that they have ventured into the Shire and might find a hobbit or two running around.

11. Skye Museum of Island Life

Skye Museum of Island Life - ImageImage Source: pixabay.com

The Museum of Island Life is situated in Kilmuir and is an enjoyable, informative and educative way to enhance one’s knowledge about the life of folks on the isle. There is a number of thatched cottages depicting the era of the 18th century and telling the tale of life and history. The buildings are full of artifacts and feel like the residents have just popped out of the cottage. A little further is the grave of Flora MacDonald which is a must visit. 

12. Duntulm Castle

Duntulm Castle is the ruins of what once was a fortified castle. It is thought to have been a dun on the rocky headland known as David’s Fort or Dun Daibhidh. If the dun existed, all the traces of its structure have been completely obliterated by the construction of the current castle in the 14th-15th century. The steep cliff provided it with excellent defense on the three sides. The main entrance still exists with a small postern gate on the seaward side. Following the belief of the locals that the ghosts of Hugh MacDonald and a nursemaid still haunts the castle and the screams that sometimes be heard, some tourists visit the ruins for some extra thrill.

13. Rha Waterfall

Rha waterfall, Staffin - ImageImage Source: pixabay.com

Fed by Rha River, this magnificent waterfall situated in Uig is well hidden. It is a little confusing to locate due to the absence of signboard but is definitely worth a visit. When in spate, one can listen to the thunderous noise of the falls. But one needs to be careful as the spray can drench the clothes, even on a dry day. The place is at its prime after a good rainfall with lush greenery and a great amount of water flowing. It provides its visitors with a beautiful solitude and peace away from the hustle bustle of other tourist spots.

14. Dunvegan Castle and gardens

Dunvegan Castle is the oldest continuously inhabited castle which has been home to the Chiefs of Macleod Clan for 800 years. The Castle is well maintained, and the gardens are beautifully kept. There are lots of historical artifacts such as oil paintings and clan treasures on exhibit which have been passed down through the generations over the centuries. The fairy Flag which is believed to have miraculous powers and which helped the clan defeat their enemies is the highlighted item on display. Tourists can enjoy the informative tour of the magnificent castle, water gardens and have a pleasant stroll on the Woodland Walk.

15. St Kilda

St. Kilda is one of the must-visit locations on the checklist of the visitors to the Isle of Skye. Its history, past culture, and geography are what fascinates the tourists towards it. The deserted village with black houses and ancient cleats against the picturesque landscape prove to be a moving testimony of the past lives which once resided there.

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  1. Skyelight Candles

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    Skyelight Candles

    Tags: Arts And Crafts, Specialty Shop

    Address: Skyelight Candles, Staffin, Isle of Skye IV51 9JX

    Timings: 10:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    This beautiful outlet and workshop is famous for its art of candle-making and sells attractive, fragrant homemade candles. The workshop of this store also offers classes and sessions for making differ...Read more

  2. Staffin Beach

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    Staffin Beach

    Tags: Beach, Walking Area, Adventure, Archaeological Site

    Address: Staffin Beach, Staffin, Scotland

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    This small serene beach with thin layers of sand is famous for the dinosaur footprints on the beach and also huge rocks laying in proximity to the beachside, altogether making it an archeological as w...Read more

  3. Storr View Digg Park

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    Storr View Digg Park Image

    Tags: Park

    Address: Digg, Staffin, Portree IV51 9LA, UK

  4. Columba 1400

    # 4 of 6 Things To Do in Staffin
    Columba 1400 Image

    Address: Portree, Staffin, Portree IV51 9JY, UK

    Timings: 10:00 am - 08:00 pm Details
    Google Reviews
    Jan Klein Poelhuis

    Quite a unique place given the combination of restaurant and social welfare project. The burger with chips I had was spot on! Also the staff was really friendly! Good spot to grab some food exploring ...

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  5. Trotternish Avenue

    # 5 of 6 Things To Do in Staffin
    Trotternish Avenue Image

    Address: Trotternish Ave, Staffin, Portree IV51 9JU, UK

  6. Staffin

    # 6 of 6 Things To Do in Staffin | Added 4 times in trip plans

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