Top Historical Places in Stellenbosch

Are you looking to explore the history of Stellenbosch through the ages? There are a number of historical destinations in Stellenbosch including the time-honored buildings, monuments, palaces, and parks where you can learn about the glorious past of Stellenbosch. The presence of these historical sites and museums will take you on a walk through Stellenbosch ‘s rich history.
If you are willing to have an in-depth historical information about Stellenbosch, we recommend that you take a wonderful guided tour to cover the major historical attractions. Also, check the opening and closing time for each so that you can organize your time. Make sure that you go through the complete list of historical places in Stellenbosch for a great trip!

Let's witness the history of Stellenbosch with these top historical places - monuments and landmarks:

  1. Fick House

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    Fick House

    Museum, Historical Site, Architecture

    A group of historical building, preserved and maintained around Stellenbosch, take a walk through the Museum to admire its beautiful architecture and design. The Dutch styled architecture date back to the 18th century and are captured in the buildings that make for an enchanting walk through history itself.
  2. The Powder House

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    The Powder House

    Museum, Historical Site, Heritage Building

    A part of the Stellenbosch museum, the Powered House was built in 1777 and was primarily used to store lead, flint and powder. Soon it was decided that cannons and other such weapons would be supplied to the city to protect it from the invaders.  However, since the city was always a peaceful one, the house was soon used only as a storage place and houses weapons, cannons and barrels dating...Read more
  3. Oude Libertas Amphitheatre


    You can pay a visit to the Oude Libertas Amphitheatre to enjoy some good time full of music and artistic wonders. If you are passionate about music of different genres, then this place will offer you a scope to take pleasure of vivid types of concerts. This open-air theatre is an ideal venue for many budding artists as well. It offers semi-circled sitting area from where the spectators can enjo...Read more