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Sudan Overview

Are you planning for your next trip to Africa, but don’t want to visit the usual places? Well, then you can give Sudan, a place where two of the Niles become one a try! While talking about great hospitality, arguably Sudan offers it the best. For a rewarding and eye-opening experience, plan your next trip to Sudan and spend your vacation in the utmost beautiful way.

Guidelines for Sudan Visa

Nationals of Canada, Australia, Britain along with other EU and the USA need to provide Sudan visa to get an entry in this country. For further reference, you can always check the updated list from the country's official website. For the nationals not mentioned in the above-mentioned list, it is advisable to contact the nearest embassy for detailed Sudan visa requirements before heading out to this country. Visitors need to provide the copy of their respective return tickets while entering the country.

Peak Time to Visit Sudan

Wondering about the best time to visit Sudan? Well, the below-mentioned weather details of this country would be helpful to make your trip plan then. From the month of April to the month of September, sandstorms blow across the great Sahara! The usual weather is extremely hot and dry. However, during the time of November to March, the weather remains a less hot!

In the northern region, winter session is quite cooler. From July to August, a little rainfall occurs in the central part of the country. From May to October heavy rainfall prevails in the southern region. Now, you can plan your trip according to the season you prefer to experience in Sudan.

Major Tourist Attractions of Sudan

It is always advisable to chalk out the list of the things to do in Sudan prior to head out for this country. This will help you make the most out of your trip within your limited vacation time.

  • Enjoy the nightlife; satisfy your shopping spree; explore the breathtaking architectural view of the museum at Khartoum
  • Snorkeling and scuba diving is quite famous in the Port Sudan
  • One of the best places to visit in Sudan is the Pyramids of Meroe. This archaeological place attracts tourists from all around the world!

Apart from all the above-mentioned places, you can enjoy camel riding, hiking to the Jebel Marra Mountain, an extinct volcano at Sudan.

Available Transportation Modes

If you’re wondering how to reach Sudan places, this information might become helpful to you. Internal flight services, taxi and car services are available to get around the places. However, the fares are a bit expensive. You can avail the minibus/bus services as well.

Food and Lodging Options

Outside the Port Sudan and Khartoum, finding accommodation can be a bit difficult. However, within the city a few hotels having international standards are available. If you’re tight on your budget you can find cheaper hotels, but that are of limited numbers. So, make sure to book in advance. As for alternative accommodation, several hostels are available. Camping is also a good accommodation option.

The usage of peanuts is one of the main specialties of Sudanese cooking. You can try the special dishes like Goraasa be dama, Jibnasalaata, Tamia etc.

Get a hold of this effective and succinct Sudan travel guide and make your trip to this country eventful and momentous!

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