15 Best Things To Do in Sydney, Australia

Sydney is situated on the eastern coast of Australia. Sydney and New York both have equal importance in their own respective countries. Sydney is the most populated city of Australia. Sydney gets the best weather, which is complemented by the beaches, which does add to the humidity levels. Australia gets most of its tourists just to explore Sydney, which is the most famous city without any doubt.

It is one of the top-listed locations for people who travel to spend their hard-earned money, and even for ones who are looking to relax by the seaside. The place offers to all the different types of tourists what they want and so we are going to list out 15 things which are a must do if you are visiting Sydney in near future.

1. Watch a show at Opera House 

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One of the most famous things of Sydney and even Australia is the Opera House. It is one of the best buildings to see in-person, the view in daytime and at night is different which makes it a nice place to spend your whole evening at. Opera House is always booked and keeps on showcasing some or the other event or show, which you must watch once in lifetime. Apart from the show, you must also enjoy the meal inside the place, which is one of the most delicious foods you will have in Australia.

2. Visit Paddy’s Market and shop for your loved ones

The place is the biggest market you are going to find in Sydney. It stretches from Haymarket to Flemington bridge and in the long span you get over 1200 stalls from where you can get clothing, flowers, gifts and souvenirs but all these are just the afterthought. The place was famous for vegetables and fruits, which became the best place for farmers to sell their fresh products. Now, there are other materials up for sell, which includes second hand goods.

3. Get relaxed at Bondi Beach 

Bondi Beach - imageImage Source: pixabay.com

Beaches are the best place to enjoy with your family at a vacation, and if you are visiting the most popular beach of Sydney, the Bondi Beach then you are going to have a nice time. Talking about the atmosphere of the place, it is quite good and you will enjoy the ambiance of the place. Surrounding the beach are some good dining options where you can have dinner amidst the soothing sound of the waves. Guinness World Record of the largest swimsuit photo shoot was achieved here where in 1010 bikini-clad women took part.

4. Enjoy at the Royal Botanic Gardens

Sydney owns one of the oldest botanic gardens in Australia the Royal Botanic Garden which was established back in 1816 which makes it more than 200 years old. Enjoying and admiring the old science is a great thing to do. Hence, you must visit the place to admire different aged plants. There are various options, which include guided as well as self-guided tours for the place. Another interesting fact of the place is that it entertains over 5 million visitors per year out of which around 4 million visitors are tourists from different countries. The place is near Opera House and Sydney CBD, which is a prime location of Sydney, Australia.

5. Get your adrenalines charged at Luna Park

If you are visiting Sydney with your family then Luna Park must be on your top list to visit. Visiting here with the kids is going to be a charm, as they will enjoy a lot and get hell tired at the day end. Rides are the best here and you for sure are going to enjoy the wild elements of the ride. Luna Park is also a great place if you are thinking to treat your girlfriend or wife with a romantic dinner. If you are visiting the place, you can also skip lines to each ride you take and get the Unlimited Rides Pass online before visiting.

6. Enjoy the cruise around the Darling Harbor

Relaxing after a nice day off Luna Park is necessary to do thing, which can easily be achieved by enjoying the stunning views of the water by cruising around the Opera House. The cruise will get you different sightseeing done which are available in different packages. Cruises can be costly but you can also enjoy the same view via public transport at a lower price.

7. Enjoy Nightlife in Sydney 

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Sydney is said to own one of the best nightlifes in Australia. If you are confused where to head to experience the real best nightlife then it is the Oxford Street, which gets many popular venues and many different bars and clubs. Although you must note that if you are going out for late night parties then you must avoid the King Cross-area for bars and pubs especially.

8. Garigal National Park is the best way to get close to the nature 

Garigal national park is the best way to get close to the nature - imageImage Source: wikimedia.org

National parks are the best way to explore wildlife in a new country. Garigal is a protected national park situated in the Northern Shore region of Sydney. In order to visit the place you have to drive around 20 KMs from CBD. The place is a great weekend getaway place for the local people. Talking about the park it is quite huge at 2202 hectares, which makes it popular amongst walkers, hikers and cyclists.

9. Visit a few pubs to have a change in mood

Sydney and pub both can be considered the same due to the European culture of the place. There are many different historic pubs at the place but you must visit the four of the oldest pubs. They will make you learn the history of the place which includes gang wars, brothels, unsolved mysteries of murders and many more things.

10. Get spooked out via the Ghost Tour

Sydney owns one of the famous ghost tours in the country. The tour was founded originally by Convict colony.  There are several companies, which now give a ghost tour of the place, which will include different and true stories of murders, suicides, hangings and many more things. They even offer Extreme Ghost Tour, which will involve in working with real paranormal investigators.

11.Get back in time with Elizabeth’s farm

It was re-created in order to be showcased as a museum. The museum is available to be accessed in all areas without any barriers or any locked doors and it does makes you feel like you are walking in early 19th century. There are various tour packages available such as candlelight tour or a family tour.

12.Enjoy Panoramic View from Sydney Tower

Watching the whole city from the top of a tower is a great idea and here you can see the whole 360 degree view, watching the view during evening and morning hours is a real charm. If you are in Sydney you must not miss the same as it is open 365 days of the year. Now there is also a skywalk tour where you can do bungee jump or walk at the highest possible place in Sydney without any railings.

13. Visit the Fish Market

Seafood of Sydney is the best and so is the fish market which is a necessary to visit place if you love seafood. The atmosphere of the place is charming and you will get many behind the scenes tour of the place at the spot. You can enjoy sushi, Chinese seafood around the market which serves the best seafood in Sydney.

14. Cockatoo Island is a must visit place 

Cockatoo Island is a must visit place - imageImage Source: wikimedia.org  

This island is located in the middle of Sydney Harbor which can only be accessed via a ferry. This place is listed in UNESCO World Heritage List and comes in top - 11 historic sites in Australia. Australia back in time was forced to be converted into a European colony by forced labor and convict transportation. 

15. Climb the Harbor Bridge

The last thing to do in Sydney is to get to the iconic bridge of Sydney which is one of the few bridges available to be climbed upon. There are many essential things which you must be ready with in order to climb. There are also be many experienced climbers who will guide you and you will enjoy the session the most in Sydney.

These are the top 15 places which are must visit in Sydney which makes the place a great place for your holiday. There are many other places in Sydney to hang out but as per our liking these are the best places in Sydney, Australia.



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    Sydney Opera House

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    Address: Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

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    Sydney Tower

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    The Rocks

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    Address: New South Wales, Australia

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    Sydney Aquarium

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    Address: 1-5 Wheat Rd, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

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    Sydney Harbour Bridge

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    Address: Sydney NSW, Australia

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    Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens

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    Address: Mrs Macquaries Rd, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

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    The Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens is one of the most famous botanical gardens in the world. Nationally, it is the most visited centralized botanical gardens of Sydney. The botanical gardens have been e...Read more

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    Port Jackson

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    Address: Sydney Harbour, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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    Sydney The Gap

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    Vaucluse House

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    Address: Wentworth Rd Vaucluse NSW 2030, Australia

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    Sydney Jewish Museum

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    Address: 148 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

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    Museum Of Sydney

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    Address: Corner Bridge Street & Philip St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

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    The Museum of Sydney is one of the major visiting places of Sydney which portrays the history and colonial themes of the city. The Museum features the stages of development and designing modifications...Read more

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    Bondi Beach

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    Address: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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    Manly Beach

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    Address: Steyne St, Sydney, New South Wales 2095, Australia

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    This beach is perhaps the most popular one. This is a suburban beach situated along Sydney’s long stretch of northern coastline. The beach was named in 1788 by Captain Arthur Phillip, the first ...Read more

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    Kings Cross

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    Address: New South Wales, Sydney

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    Cronulla Beach Walk

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    Address: Beach St Cronulla NSW 2230, Australia

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    The Cronulla Beach Walk is one of the most luxurious coastal walks of Australia, which covers almost the entire length of Sydney’s Coastline. The long Walk is characterized and alternated by str...Read more

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