Syria Trip Planner

Plan your customized trip plan for Syria. Choose from Top Toursim cities and tourist attarctions of Syria using trip planner.

Syria Overview

Well, longing for an adventurous trip on your upcoming vacation? Although the current situation is not so favorable for the tourists, Syria has its own charms to offer you! Architectures with great historical importance in the modern history, exploring the cultures of the ancient cities of Syria can leave an enduring impression on your mind!

Paramount Details of Visa Procedure

Due to the political conflicts in this country, all the nationals interested to visit this country are being advised to check the Syria visa requirements carefully. For the nationals of Canada, Australia, Britain along with other EU and the USA need to provide Syria visa to get an entry in this country. For the nationals not mentioned in the above-mentioned list, it is advisable to contact the nearest embassy for detailed Syria visa requirements before heading out to Syria. Travelers need to provide the copy of their respective return tickets while entering the country.

Ideal Time to Visit Syria

Due to its geographical location, the usual weather of Syria is typically hot and dry. The winter season in Syria is fairly cold. From the month of November to the month of March, the weather in Syria is extremely cold. Travelers mostly consider this season as the best time to visit Syria.

Must Visit Places in Syria

Whether you are traveling alone or with family members or with friends, a well-planned list of things to do in Syria is much needed to explore the country to the fullest within a limited vacation time.

Crac des Chevaliers

This is one of the most famous and popular crusader castle located in Syria. This place has great historical importance. However, due to the recent political conflicts this architecture has been destroyed!

Royal Palace

Zimrilim founded this world famous Royal palace. This place of great historical importance is located in the Mari.

Apart from all the above-mentioned places you can explore the ancient cities of Damascus, Aleppo and Palmyra. You can add River Orontes and Latakia, a seaside town in the list of best places to visit in Syria.

Available Transportation Modes

The cities are well connected with the internal flight service. So, if you are thinking how to reach Syria places, you can hire taxi services. However, the fares are a bit expensive compared to the fares of the bus services. If you love to drive then it is better to be a bit careful as the traffic conditions of this place is not so good! Other than all these, you can avail the rail services as well to get around the cities and the towns of Syria.

Guide to Lodging and Food

As for the accommodation in Syria, 5-star luxury hotels with international standards are available. If you are tight on the budget you have the options to book several mid-ranged hotels as well. Bookings are done throughout the year. In order to avoid the rush, it is advisable to make the bookings in advance.

The food culture of Syria is rich. The foodie travelers can relish the special dishes such as Fatteh, Kibbehbilsanieh, Riza’djaj, Mensaf, Ouzi, Yabraketc.

With the help of this effective and succinct Syria travel guide, make your trip to Syria into a lifetime experience and enjoy the vacation to the fullest!

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