Leisure Activities in Tagaytay

All year round, leisure activities in Tagaytay provide a wide range of options for every age group. Tagaytay is loaded with lavish shopping areas, resorts, restaurants, and spas that ensure that your trip to Tagaytay is hassle-free. From a convincing landscape and outdoor to some world-class stay options and facilities, Tagaytay packs an incredible amount of diversity in the luxury activities it offers. So be it a family vacation, a friends reunion or a solo trip to feed your wanderlust, these activities in Tagaytay are a must try for a leisurely vacation!

Let's explore our list of recreational & leisure places in Tagaytay:

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    Taal Volcano

    Tags: Outdoors, Geological Formation, Island, View Point

    Address: Taal Volcano, Batangas, Philippines

    Timings: 08:00 am - 02:00 pm Details

    Philippines’ second most active volcano, Taal Volcano is located at a distance of about 60 kilometers from Manila. A beautiful lake is nestled within the volcano giving it surreal beauty and off...Read more

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    Puzzle Mansion

    Tags: Museum, Entertainment, Resort, Games

    Address: Cuadra Street, Brgy Asisan, Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite, Philippines

    Timings: 07:00 am - 07:00 pm Details

    The Puzzle mansion is a museum where you can find the record-breaking puzzle collection of Gina Gil Lacuna who is a Guinness world record holder for the largest collection of jigsaw puzzles in the wor...Read more

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    Museo Orlina

    Tags: Art Museum, Museum, Exhibition

    Address: Hollywood St., Hollywood Subd. Tolentino East, Tagaytay City, Santa Rosa - Tagaytay Rd, Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines

    Timings: 10:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    A museum exhibiting fantastic art work of glass sculpture artist Ramon Orlina, Museu Orlina is one of the best museums of the country. Walk in to explore the finest art works of the artist that are no...Read more

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    Picnic Grove

    Tags: Paint Ball, Trail, View Point, Walking Area

    Address: Tagaytay Picnic Grove Complex, Barangay Sungay East-End, Cavite, Philippines

    Timings: 09:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    Picnic Grove offers a variety of recreations for everybody, especially the family, a lush 500 meters long walking area, a paintball war jungle, a volcano and lake view deck, a horseback riding area an...Read more

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    Nurture Wellness Village

    Tags: Leisure, Spa

    Address: Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines

    Timings: 08:00 am - 09:00 pm Details

    The Nurture wellness village is a blissful wellness center that offers relaxing therapies and treatments. Thoroughly professional therapists work their magic and release all the toxic energies trapped...Read more

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    Ayala Malls Serin

    Tags: Cafe, Restaurant, Entertainment, Mall

    Address: East, 4120, Tagaytay - Nasugbu Hwy, Silang, Cavite, Philippines

    Timings: 10:00 am - 09:00 pm Details

    Spread over three levels, this mall and entertainment centre in the city of Tagaytay is a perfect place for some retails therapy or for a relaxing evening after the day of sightseeing. Offering open s...Read more

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    Residence Inn Zoo

    Tags: Zoo, View Point, Entertainment, Adventure Sport

    Address: Neogan, Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines

    Timings: 09:00 am - 08:00 pm Details

    Famous for its mini zoo and the spectacular views it offers, Residence Inn Zoo is an enjoyable place to visit. For animal lovers, there are all kinds of animals here; tiger cubs, horses, owls, ostrich...Read more

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    Zipline Tagaytay

    Tags: Outdoors, Entertainment, Adventure, Adventure Sport

    Address: Picnic Grove, Tagaytay, Luzon, Philippines

    Timings: 09:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    For a little bit of adventure and a gorgeous view, try the Zipline or Cable car at the Picnic grove. The zipline takes you free-flying on a thick wire with harnesses to secure you. The view from the z...Read more