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Often considered as the thriving capital of the Republic of China, Taipei took time in upgrading itself from what it was around 300 years back. With Japanese, Chinese and Western influences on its culture, art, architecture and food Taipei has come to a conclusion that it has turned into a multicultural hub and all these has worked in the betterment of the city. What was once known to be the ugly duckling of cities because of its huge traffic, Taipei is now turned into a comfortable, dynamic and livable. However, this cosmopolitan vibrant city still has its root in its history. Probably, this factor has worked in increasing tourism in Taipei.  At the same time, the rich history of China and Taiwan that had developed in Taipei is hard to ignore in today’s time. A visit to the National Palace Museum of Taipei can let you see some of the glorious historical stories of China and Taiwan.

However, history is not the only thing Taipei has to offer. Being influenced by many regions of the east and west, Taipei has developed a perfect platter to treat its foodies. Travelers who are keen about the food culture of their destination should take a day trip especially in an MRT that takes to some of the finest region of Taipei. The ride takes you to the tea fields, hot springs and the colonial towns where you can enjoy the authentic food of China. Don’t miss out the heritage lanes which are now cleverly turned into gourmet cafes and boutique centers.

You just need to explore the hidden corners of the city to cherish its true beauty. A trip to this city will let you realize that the city maintains a balance between beauty and business and Taipei has every reason to boast. Each one of you should visit Taipei at least once and experience all that it has to offer considering the best time to visit Taipei.

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