Events and Festivals in Taipei

Be sure to participate in the events if you are visiting the city.

  • Lantern Festival: There is the Lantern Festival takes place every year according to the Lunar callender. It is a realsight to see with the brightly lit laterns everywhere. It usually takes place in January or February.
  • Ghost Festival: The Ghost Festival at the end of August is a fascinating.All these festivals are very popular with locals and they bring together thousands of people from around the country.
  • Sokran festival: This is an annual water festival to celebrate the New Year eve. This event takes place in the month of April in the suburban of Zhonghe, near the Nanshijiao MRT. 


  • The Taiwan Cycling Festival  in December and the Taipei Marathon in December are two events to watch out for.
  • Taipei Arts Festival: In this event art is celebrated. Experimental theatres, dance and art performances done by both locals and international personalities are performed in this event. This event continues from August to September. 
  • Dream Parade: This colorful event is organized by the Dream Community. In this event many artists and local families participate. 

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