Best Things To Do in Taiping, Malaysia

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  • Museum Perak: Museum Perak is the oldest and most amazing museum in the city. So make sure that you visit the museum at least once. The museum is a great way to understand and know the little town much better.
  • Taiping Lake Gardens: Taiping Lake Gardens is a great option to explore due to the natural beauty associated with the gardens. Well maintained and beautiful, the gardens are a must go place if you are in the city.
  • Taiping Zoo and Night Safari Taiping: Taiping Zoo and Night Safari Taiping is a great experience that you can have and offers a chance to get up close with nature in an innovative way. There are many interesting animas in the zoo that you can even feed.
  • Taiping War Cemetery: Taiping War Cemetery is a remarkable memorial for the people who gave their life for their country. The cemetery stands in Taiping as a reminder for the people of the town about all those who had lost their lives during the war.


  • Take a stroll around the great town and witness the beauty the town encompasses.
  • Visit the famous zoo in the area and be mesmerized by the majestic beasts in their true form.
  • Go to the Museum in Perak and witness history in a new and innovate way.
  • Do try the local food to get the taste of the place.
  • Enjoy the scenery in the picturesque location.

Below we have a list of things to do in Taiping and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Taiping getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Taiping with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Taiping

Here is the list of things to do in Taiping and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Taiping Lake Gardens

    4.5 (1123 Votes)
    Taiping Lake Gardens

    Water Body, Garden, View Point, Lake

    Taiping Lake Gardens is the public garden established during the British rule in Malaysia and has gained a lot of popularity since then. The gardens have scenic plants and a breath-taking setting that you can enjoy with your loved ones. There are many lakes and ponds in the area that you can enjoy while you are in the park.
  2. Zoo Taiping

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    Zoo Taiping

    Zoo, View Point

    Zoo Taiping is a beautiful Zoo based in the natural setting of the environment. The place is a paradise for explorers and nature lovers as here there are as many as 180 species of animals. Enjoy the Taiping Zoo with your family and friends and get a once in a lifetime opportunity to actually feed the animals. It is one of the major zoological parks in Malaysia. Zoo also has a night sa...Read more
  3. Perak State Museum

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    Perak State Museum

    Museum, View Point

    Perak State Museum is the oldest museum in Malaysia and has some of the most important relics in the country. The museum is grand and has charming interiors which add to the whole lure of the place. The museum is great to visit with your friends and family as it displays some of the most marvellous artefacts in the country. A fun and learning experience is what the museum is all about.
  4. Taiping War Cemetery

    Memorial, Cemetery

    Taiping war cemetery is a memorial for all those brave souls which were lost in the war. The cemetery has been kept as a reminder of the war and the heroism of all the people who fell in battle. Give the memorial cemetery a visit and pay your respects to the martyrs of the country. The Cemetery has picturesque views and is known for its serene and green environment.
  5. Restoran Mr BBQ

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    Restoran Mr BBQ

    Food And Drinks, Restaurant

    For all the food lovers Restoran Mr BBQ is the perfect solution. The eatery is one of the finest in the region and serves quality food at a price that would not hurt your pocket. Famous for its barbeque and sea food the eating place sees a lot of tourists and sight seers all the year round. Try the sea food which is the specialty of the restaurant.
  6. Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve

    Forest, View Point, Leisure, Nature

    Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve is a great destination to stopover with your loved ones as the Reserve is rich in flora and fauna that makes the place worth going to. The reserve has striking natural beauty and picturesque views that can be enjoyed by all. So take out some time and visit the paradise.
  7. First Galleria

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    First Galleria

    Art Gallery

    First Galleria is for all those who enjoy finer things in life. A full-fledged art gallery the destination is a must go for travellers as it comes highly recommended by tourist and natives alike. First galleria is a fascinating gallery that displays the work of local painters and artists in the area. Give the galleria a try and be mesmerised by the scintillating art and paintings. The interiors...Read more
  8. Taiping Equine Park

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    Taiping Equine Park

    Park, Entertainment

    Taiping Equine Park is a very innovative park that can be enjoyed with your whole family. The park’s striking and charming location is one that you do not want to miss out on. The country park has a lot of retired horses that are friendly and can be ridden even by children. The whole experience is one of the best you can have on your trip to the city.
  9. Spritzer Ecopark

    Park, Leisure, Nature

    Spritzer Ecopark Taiping was initiated to preserve the country’s rich heritage and offers opportunities for recreation and entertainment. Taiping spritzer eco park located at Lot 898, Jalan Reservoir, Off Jalan Air Kuning, 34000 Taiping, Perak. The mineral water brand in Malaysia Spritzer. Ideal for picnics and family day-outs, Spritzer eco park features Signature Hole Golf and 18-ho...Read more
  10. Oosten Bar & Bistro

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    Oosten Bar & Bistro

    Bar, Food And Drinks, Dine In, Restaurant

    Oosten Bar& Bistro is perhaps the finest bar to have a drink at. The bar and pub is famous for its great selection of snacks and drinks. The pub has everything from pastas, sandwiches, meat platters and much more. The seafood is a must try here as it is the speciality of the pub. Visit the place and enjoy authentic Malaysian fine diningin a manner like never before.
  11. Atv Adventure Park Larut

    4.4 (50 Votes)
    Atv Adventure Park Larut


    The ATV Adventure Park Larut promises an adventure close to nature. Braised with ATV bikes you can explore the wild nature and camp on the foothills in a natural picturesque set up on the foothills of the Maxwell hills. Challenge yourself with some adventurous trails enjoying the beauty of nature all along. They offer 5 adventure packages depending on your endurance level and budget. The Atv Ad...Read more
  12. Bukit Larut

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    Bukit Larut


    Bukit Larut also known as Maxwell Hill - the nest of nature and greenest part of Malaysia. This hill resort located 10 km from Taiping, Perak, Malaysia. You will find yourself at the lap of flora and fauna if you visit this charming Bukit larut Taiping. Explore the most exquisite view, small park and playground, watch tower and hanging bridge at the top of the Maxwell hill T...Read more
  13. Larut Matang Hawker Centre
    To end your search for the combination of Chinese and Indian cuisine, you should visit Larut Matang Hawker Centre. From scrumptious street food to yummy delicacies you will love to taste every bit of it. Cleanliness is never an issue here at the food market. You can stop here for a casual dinner, lunch or snacks. Multiple stalls are waiting to offer you with the best dishes. You taste buds will...Read more
  14. Antong Coffee Factory

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    Antong Coffee Factory Image
    The fragrance of roasted coffee greets you as soon as you land in Antong Coffee Factory. For those who are interested in the history of the oldest running coffee mill in Malaysia, a short video is played portraying the historical significance of the place. You can even book a trip and get a chance to see how actually coffee is prepared right from roasting of the beans in traditional methods to ...Read more
  15. Lian Thong Restaurant

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    Lian Thong Restaurant Image


    The lian thong restaurant is an old fashioned coffee shop serving delicious food. Sitting at this place will make you nostalgic, with the wooden chairs placed randomly in a green walled room with mosaic tiles. This place will earn your respect in a unique way when you will find several senior citizens as waiters. The fried jawa mee, kerabu rice and yee mee noodles are among the few of the mouth...Read more