How to Reach Tallinn


  • By Plane: The largest airport in Estonia, the Tallinn Airport in Tallinn is fairly connected to most of the important cities in the world. The airport has free Wi-Fi and a smoking zone, housed inside a glass chamber. As the airport is 5 kilometres away from the city centre, you have to either make use of taxi or bus.
  • By Helicopter: Helicopter service from Helsinki and Tallinn is operated during the weekdays (Monday - Friday) by a private operator called Copterline.
  • By Train: You can reach Tallinn by train by booking in one of Elron train transits operated by the government of Estonia. But the service is limited.
  • By Ferry: Tallinn is most frequently visited by ferries and the main route is from Helsinki to Tallinn. The time taken for the travel varies anything between 1.5 to 3.5 hours depending on the type of the ferry and the operator. There are about 20 departures daily and the cost of travel is generally high during the weekends.
  • By Bus: There are frequent buses between Tallinn to almost all the cities inside Estonia and also to places like Vilnius, Riga, and St.Petersburg. Check online for more information and usually, the buses come with free Wi-Fi.


  • By Bus: From public bus operators to trams to trolley bus to sightseeing bus, there are plenty of options to travel inside the city of Medellin by bus. The cost of traveling is comparatively lower and the transportation is also well-connected with the main places inside the city. While most of the buses allow baby prams, trams are wheelchair accessible.
  • By Taxi: Taxis in Tallinn are run both by private operators and independent owners. As there is no standard pricing in the taxis, they are a bit on the high side and it is advisable to negotiate on the prices before riding in a taxi.
  • By Car: Tallinn has plenty of car rental agencies from where you can rent a car during your stay. By renting a car, you are free to travel on your own time.
  • By Bike: With over 180 kilometres of bicycle lanes to ride on, the city of Tallinn is a bicycle friendly place to ride your bikes and enjoy the natural scenery.

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in Tallinn. The most preferred mode of transport in Tallinn is Bus/Trolleybus.

Average distance: 9.21 km Average time: 31.69 min

  • Bus/Trolleybus 41.82%
    Bus 22.74 min Walking 6.35 min Waiting 4.17 min Overall average time for 7.83 kms 33.26 min
  • Car 21.82%
    Driving 23.83 min Walking 0.92 min Overall average time for 13.33 kms 24.75 min
  • Train/Metro 1.82%
    Train 104 min Walking 20 min Waiting 10 min Overall average time for 100 kms 134 min
  • Walking 27.27%
    Walking 23.13 min Driving 4.73 min Bus 1.4 min Waiting 0.8 min Other 0.33 min Overall average time for 3.06 kms 30.4 min
  • Bike 3.64%
    Bike 9.5 min Overall average time for 1.5 kms 9.5 min
  • Tram/Streetcar 1.82%
    Tram 30 min Waiting 10 min Overall average time for 8 kms 40 min
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