Best Things To Do in Tangier, Morocco

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Walking around the beach will give you the quintessential vibe of Tangier. Watching the Sunday Terrasse des Paresseux on the beach is very popular here. The Grand Socco is another popular attraction in Tangier, and while you go here, take a short detour to the disintegrating Teatro Cervantes, great for photo ops. If you crave some cultural insights, then head to The American Legation and the The Kasbah Museum.

As you explore the attractions, don’t miss out sipping on some flavoursome Moroccan tea, sweet and minty this tea goes perfectly with the beautiful views of the ocean hat many beachfront cafes offer. Things to do for kids in Tangier are plenty too. The Mnar aquatic park is a favourite of local families. The medina is delightfully buzzing in the evenings, towards the night. Morocco and its gorgeous souks are some of the best things the world probably has, if I may exaggerate! A place of a harmonious chaos, these souks do not cease to amuse you. Visit on a Thursday or Sunday morning and you can witness the Rif mountain women in their characteristic vibrant costumes selling their produce along the St. Andrew's Church (English Church) wall. Talking about souks, the Casa Barata is a must visit to. Fishing trips too, are widely undertaken in Tangier.

Below we have a list of things to do in Tangier and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Tangier getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Tangier with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Tangier

Here is the list of things to do in Tangier and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Medina Of Tangier

    Old Town

    If you want to explore an authentic North African country which has not at all forgotten its roots, then you should definitely visit Tangier in Morocco. Tangier still has it’s old city as a prime tourist attraction and it is named Medina of Tangier. The lanes and streets of the old town are vibrant and bustling as ever. The shops selling antique artefacts will bring out the shopper in you...Read more
  2. Hercules Cave And Ba Kacem Beach

    Beach, Cave

    Two stunning attractions in one place, that’s Hercules Cave and Ba Kacem Beach for you! An iconic cave which gives a breath-taking view of the sea, Hercules Cave is one of the most popular places in Tangier. Discovered in 4000 BC, the caves are still in a good condition. Just walk through the caves and you’ll enter the calm beach. The sunset from here is just mesmerising and shouldn...Read more
  3. Kasbah Museum

    4.2 (443 Votes)
    Kasbah Museum

    Museum, History Museum

    Every tourist destination need to have a place which will take you back in time and Tangier is no exception. The Kasbah Museum in Tangier has several names. Tangier Casbah and Musée de la Kasbah being the most prominent ones. Just like the different names this museum has, there are different types of exhibits which are displayed here. Old Roman and Phoenician artefacts and lot of informa...Read more
  4. Cap Spartel

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    Cap Spartel

    Beach, Light House

    This is where Atlantic meets Mediterranean Sea. This is where you’ll get an eye pleasing experience. This is where you’ll be assured of some out of this world visuals. This place is Cap Spartel. Just 14 kms from the city of Tangier is this incredible tourist attraction. A lighthouse which gives a stunning view of the gigantic sea is another highlight. Need some more reasons to visit...Read more
  5. American Legation

    4.4 (611 Votes)
    American Legation

    Art Museum, Museum, History Museum

    USA’s first overseas embassy was, guess what- Tangier! And hence, in order to mark the importance of the same, the Tangier American Legation Museum was established. Designed in old world style, the museum exhibits arts and different mementos dating back to the historic times. There are many displays which tell you about America’s connection with Morocco. If you’re a fan Paul B...Read more
  6. Tangier Beach

    Beach, Walking Area, Nightclub

    Stunning. Pristine. Calm. Clean. These are the few adjectives which define Tangier Beach in the best possible way. Planning a trip to Tangier with your partner? Or taking your family along? No worries! The beach is a safe bet to spend some quality time with your spouse or family. It is clean and free from the hustle and bustle of the city. Visit this great place during sunset and enjoy the fasc...Read more
  7. St Andrews Church

    Church, Religious Site

    Religious? Spiritual? Or you are both? Then, how about visiting a church soaked in old world charm! The St Andrew’s Church in Tangier is one of the numerous religious places in the Moroccan city. The church has a great vintage designed and the gardens surrounding it are just mesmerising. The graveyard has graves of several British nationals who lost their lives during the world war era. W...Read more
  8. Petit Socco

    Street Market, Street Food, Streets

    If you want to get the real vibe of the Tangier, then you should definitely head towards Petit Socco, as soon as possible! The streets are smaller when compared to the European ones, but still this one will keep you hooked, There are little coffee shops, great eateries, some interesting shops selling textiles and artefacts and localities hanging out. The whole atmosphere of this place enhances ...Read more
  9. Parc Perdicaris

    4.5 (458 Votes)
    Parc Perdicaris

    Park, Food And Drinks

    Escape from the noisy city life and get lost in the tranquillity of nature. And Parc Perdicaris will help you with that. The park is well maintained with greenery everywhere. It also assures some stunning view of the sea and is a must visit. You can relax, meditate or just hang out here. If you’re a foodie, then you can relish some mouth-watering meat delicacies and of course the iconic m...Read more
  10. The Grand Mosque Of Tangier

    Mosque, Religious Site, Street Food

    Another lively place in Tangier which will give you all kinds of feels, Place du Grand 9 Avril 1947 is a spot which is ideal for a casual hangout. The place is also called as the Big Square and is the point which divides the old city from the new one. Hence, this one is probably the heart of the city. You can soak in some divinity by visiting the iconic Grand Mosque of Tangier. Many stalls sell...Read more
  11. Plage Dalia

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    Plage Dalia

    Beach, Skiing

    Another addition to the numerous beaches in Tangier, Dalia Beach is the place where you can indulge in various activities. You can do kitesurfing, windsurfing and even bring out the photographer in you. The beach is clean and whole atmosphere is pleasant here. You can swim and even add a tinge of thrill to your trip. The beach will allow you to play various watersports. Jet Skiing being the mos...Read more
  12. Terrasse Des Paresseux

    Beach, Landmark, Walking Area

    Another major landmark in Tangier, Terrasse des Paresseux should be visited definitely on your trip here. The stunning landmark assures some great views and if you’re lucky enough then you can spot Spain or Gibraltar from this particular point. Also you can spot the ancient set of cannons facing the bay. If you love photography, then this is the place which should head right away. This on...Read more
  13. Tomb Of Ibn Battouta

    Historical Site, Tomb

    Tangier pays homage to one of the most prolific adventurer and great travel writer of all times, Ibn Battouta. The Tomb of Ibn Battouta is an iconic attraction in Tangier and tourists across the globe visit this one in huge numbers, every year. The tomb also highlights some hidden facts of the life of Ibn Battouta. It is advisable to take a tour guide here as the signs and information is not in...Read more
  14. Medina Art Gallery

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    Medina Art Gallery

    Art And Culture, Art Gallery

    This one is surely not your mainstream art gallery. It’s more of a market selling some authentic Moroccan goods. The beautifully woven and designed carpets are in plenty here. And hence, you can buy one or two carpets to grace your living room on your way back home. One free advice: Negotiate and bargain wisely! Or else you’ll end up paying more. The carpets available here don&rsquo...Read more
  15. Tumbas Fenicias

    View Point, Nature

    On your way to Marshan and Kasbah, on a cliff lies this incredible attraction called Tumbas Fenicias. The attraction is yet another place which offers some spectacular view of the sea. You can also spot the rock tombs and can even click pictures of the same. Just like other attractions in Tangier, this one is ideal for taking long strolls and enjoy the cool breeze flowing through. Arrive here j...Read more