Events and Festivals in Taupo

Taupo is known to be the ‘events capital’ of New Zealand. It is constantly buzzing with numerous sports and musical events. Being centrally located, organizers keep coming back to Taupo to conduct their extravagant events.

  • Taupo summer concert: This is an event that makes you like summers in Taupo even more. It is an annual international concert organized by Greenstone Entertainment which invites world-renowned rock artists to perform at the concert. The event happens during day time so that outsiders can stay overnight at Taupo or make a one-day roundtrip. It is a time when the whole town comes alive and is seen humming to the music of the rockstars.
  • IRONMAN New Zealand: IRONMAN New Zealand is a triathlon which takes place every year in Taupo usually around the month of March. This endurance sport is for those with an iron grit. It not only tests your strength but also checks your spirits. The triathletes have to swim 3.8 km through the fresh waters of lake Taupo, cycle around 180 km, and then run for 42.2 km. People of Taupo come out of their houses to cheer the participants, while more than 2,000 people come forward to volunteer for the event. With more than half the crowd coming from outside New Zealand, IRONMAN New Zealand is one of the most celebrated international sports events.
  • Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge: With more than 7,500 participants from across the world competing in the challenge, the Lake Taupo Cycle challenge proves to be one of the greatest sports event in New Zealand. This large-scale event in Taupo is held on the last Saturday of every November which is managed by a team of localites. To encourage more participation, the event has different categories where you could choose the distance you want to ride as well as have the option to ride with family, a team, a group, or as an individual. This makes the event for one and all.
  • Taupo Winter Festival: This gala festival in Taupo is filled with fun and entertainment. From musical, comedy, and theatre performances to ice slides for kids, the Taupo winter festival has something in store for all. Started by The One Taupo Charitable Trust, the event is packed with activities that can be enjoyed by one and all along with family members. The event is well-organized right in between the school holidays, usually in mid-july.
  • The Great Lake Relay: With another sports event in its yearly calendar, Taupo truly proves to be the mecca of adventurers. Known to be the most social and pleasant event, The Great Lake Relay witnesses over 4500 participants who cover 155 km distance around the lake. The relay is usually held in the month of February every year. You can register yourself as a team of 8-18 members and either walk or run to cover up the entire distance of 155 km.

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