Tehran Tourism

The most populous city and the capital of Iran, Tehran is situated at the foothills of the massive Alborz mountains. Built on the slopes of the mountains, Tehran experiences a semi-arid climate which is unpredictable for the most parts of the year. Masked by concrete buildings and educational institutions throughout the city, Tehran attracts students from all around the world, given the popularity of the universities. Home to varied dynasties who settled down in the city during different times of history, Tehran is adorned by plenty of historical monuments that you should visit for sure. Explore the glorious Golestan Palace. Take a trip to the past by visiting Sa'dabad Palace that was once the residence of the Pahlavi Dynasty. Soak yourselves amidst the incredible art collections displayed at National Museum of Iran, Reza Abbasi Museum, and the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. For a totally different experience, escape to the magical snow wonderland ski resort at Dizin. 

While packing clothes for your trip to Tehran be sure to pack clothes that will cover most of your body. Men are allowed to wear t-shirts and jeans but no shorts! And women should cover their head with scarves and are not supposed to expose their thighs and legs. Additionally, alcohol and drugs are banned in Tehran and all of Iran. But despite the restrictions, you can still have fun at Tehran. Thanks to the bustling number of attractions in the city.

When you are out of places to visit or if you feel like taking a break from exploring, try conversing with the locals in Tehran. From your talks, you will understand that people of Tehran are some of the friendliest people in the world. They are helpful, passionate, and will surely make you feel like its home. At the end of the day, appreciate the Iranian culture, try to get involved in the culture as much as possible and have a pleasant holiday!

Essential travel information and Tehran tips for your visit

  • Time Zone: Iran Standard Time (IRST). UTC/GMT +3.30hours.
  • Currency: Currency used in Tehran is Iranian Rial (IRR).
  • Electricity: The standard electrical voltage in Tehran is 220 Volts and 50 Hertz alternating current. The power sockets used are of type C and F. Check your electrical devices for their voltage consumption and use adapters if necessary.
  • Internet: Internet connectivity in Tehran is very low. It is very hard to find Wi-Fi zones inside the city. The best way to stay connected is to get a 3G or a 4G sim from any of the local service providers.
  • Languages: Persian is the official and the most widely spoken language in Iran.
  • Security: Police: 110, Fire Department: 125, Medical Emergency: 115.
  • Tipping: Tipping is not mandatory in Tehran but if you are willing, then tipping around 10-15% of the bill is fair. 
  • Tourist Traps: Avoid travelling in private taxis, they are costly. But if you are left with no choice rather than travelling in one then negotiate the fare before boarding.
  • Customs: The dressing culture in Tehran can be a little odd for some. Men can wear t-shirts and jeans but the clothing should cover their legs and no trousers are allowed. Women are supposed to wear headscarves and loose fitting clothes that cover their arms, thighs, and knees.
  • Drinking in Tehran is prohibited so be wary when you are there in Tehran.
  • The general cultural practice in Tehran involves refusing to accept whatever is offered for 2-3 times and then accepting it.