Events and Festivals in Thanjavur


Pongal: Sweet rice delicacies and traditional family gatherings, Pongal is a celebration that everyone waits for.

Thyagaraja Aradhana: It is a 8 day carnatic music celebration in the honour of Thyagaraja, the musical legend. It is one of the biggest celebrations in the region.


Utsavam: On this day, houses are cleaned. It is the day for purification and revitalization.


Natyanjali Festival: Lord Shiva in his Nataraj form is considered the Lord of Dance. Natyanjali, a classical dance festival is organized during Shivratri to honour him.


Rama Navmi: The Birthday of Lord Rama is one of the important events celebrated in Thanjavur.


Ekadashi: Ekadashi is celebrated on every eleventh day of the lunar calendar but the Vrishika Ekadashi is of special importance.


Navatri: The North Indian Dandiya raas blends with the Tamilian rituals and the nights light up during this time.


Saraswathi Pooja: It is an event that happens in the last three days of Navaratri. Krishnanattam, Kathakali, and Kalaripayattu performances in the temple pandals commence on this day.

Dassehra: Dassehera is not only celebrated as the day of Lord Rama’s victory, it is the day to worship knowledge and intelligence.Vacation planners of Thanjavur should not miss this!

SathayaThiruvizha: It is an annual celebration of Raja Raja Chola’s birthday.


Diwali: Diwali holidays start in November and there is a lot of Gift exchange, Poojas and prayers. Kids burst crackers and visit neighbours to devour sweets.


Christmas: The Christian community in Thanjavur infects the whole town with their joy and enthusiasm.

New Year’s Eve: New Year is the time to party, make new year resolutions and welcome the new year!

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