Best Things To Do in The Hague, Netherlands

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The Hague is quite rich in terms of the culture, history, architecture and the unique feels that it has to offer for everyone. You can shop your heart out at the many beach side shops, that only form a fraction of the beauty of the beach resorts of Hague. The Plein in Hague, offers many theatre shows, along with drinking and dining options. The Hague offers all sorts of experiences, right from drinking to high tea, to hiking in the woods and chilling at the beach. There’s the Grote Market as well, which has many clubs and restaurants for the party animal is you!

Below we have a list of things to do in The Hague and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your The Hague getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to The Hague with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in The Hague

Here is the list of things to do in The Hague and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Mauritshuis

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    Get bedazzled with a visit to the Mauritshuis Museum, which has an impressive collection of paintings by artists from the golden age. There’s stunning paintings by artists from the era gone by, in a seventeenth century house. There’s artwork by Vermeer, Rembrandt, Steen and Rubens. The place is a haven for the enthusiasts of artwork and paintings. The museum conceals in its quaint a...Read more
  2. Louwman Museum

    4.7 (535 Votes)
    Louwman Museum

    Museum, Specialty Museum, Automobile Museum

    This is an impressive museum, which was brought to life by Mr. Louwman, who was an automobile enthusiast and liked to have his collection. This museum will prove to be a feast for all the car lovers out there. There’s a grand collection of the best of automobiles in the world, some ranging from the decades before. The museum showcases the timeline of the history of automobiles and cars, w...Read more
  3. Panorama Mesdag

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    Panorama Mesdag
    Owned by the family of the painter, till date, it is a 14 feet tall and 120 feet panoramic painting by the painter Mesdag. The painting is a stunning masterpiece with fisherman, the water body and deep and wide horizon, all painted out on a single piece to showcase the stunning imagery of the countryside. The painting was created in such a way that one could not see the top and bottom of it at ...Read more
  4. Escher In Het Paleis

    4.6 (698 Votes)
    Escher In Het Paleis
    This place houses the collection of the world famous artist and painter, E C Escher. The place holds exhibitions, which basically plays on your perspective. There’s history of the palace at play and the stunning modern artwork in the form of a crystal chandelier. There’s a movie which plays too, and talks about the life and work of Escher. The most touching part of it is the abducti...Read more
  5. Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

    4.5 (274 Votes)
    Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

    Museum, Exhibition

    This is an exquisite museum, which is more like hidden treasure of Netherlands. The place holds the best of exhibitions in town, and has a gorgeous display of the Madrian artwork and other style of artists. The place, from its exterior looks more like a swimming hall, but is actually very spacious on the inside. There’s so much to explore and admire, that a connoisseur might actually spen...Read more
  6. Madurodam

    4.4 (498 Votes)


    This is an interactive miniature park, with many attractions of Holland exhibited here. It is a delight for people of all age groups, with its fine details of buildings and vehicles, which are quite impressive. The plan of the place is set out in a road map, which you will receive at the shop in the beginning. There’s all the country’s monuments meticulously laid out in a small area...Read more
  7. Japanse Tuin

    4.3 (57 Votes)
    Japanse Tuin


    A beautiful garden, with seasonal flowers that bloom only for a few months in a year, this place is a delight to the senses. There’s vast areas of colorful beauty with beautiful reflections of them in the pond water. The whole place is very warm and enticing, almost like nature’s own cove. There’s geese feeding, dogs fetching sticks, children playing around and people of all a...Read more
  8. Peace Palace

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    Peace Palace


    Founded on the grounds of Pacifism and World Peace and constructed towards the end of 19th century, this palace is as magnificent as these ideals themselves. The tours to the palace are open to the public on weekends and provide great insights to the whole place. The palace is surrounded by beautiful gardens which are well manicured and maintained. The architectural style of the building is kit...Read more
  9. Binnenhof

    4.5 (569 Votes)
    The governmental heart of Netherlands, this place sets itself apart with its tranquil environment and exterior that shrouds the debates that go on inside it. There’s cars and governmental vehicles surrounding the place all the time. It is a complex building, which has witnessed many eras, and was the 13th century hunting lodge of the counts of Holland. The place has been a host to the Que...Read more
  10. De Pier Pannenkoeken

    4 (191 Votes)
    De Pier Pannenkoeken

    View Point

    A fun filled thrilling icon on the Dutch coast, this place is a delight for all those looking to have a good time near the coast. The beach resort offers a full range of foods, drinks and other shopping concepts here. The place has a magnificent industrial decor, food trucks and a great crowd in the midst of a quirky beach resort. There’s a giant ferris wheel which opened up here this sum...Read more
  11. Museum Beelden Aan Zee

    4.2 (47 Votes)
    Museum Beelden Aan Zee


    As goes the mantra that every trip to Hague must include a trip to the beach. Of Course, there’s the stunning view of the sands and the surf, but what also follows is the gorgeous ‘Sculptures of the Sand’. Made of rich bronze and inspired by the magnanimous and deep gaze of the ocean, this sculpture was placed here by Beelden aan Zee. Just a little distance away from this open...Read more
  12. De Pier

    View Point

    The place has been recently transformed into a sort of hipster joint, with what can be called as a food haven at the bottom. Though it gives a magnificent view of the shoreline and the sea, one can also go underground, where it is sealed with strong glass walls and admire its beauty. The place is very clean and tidy and has many restaurants, cafes, shops and souvenir stores in its vicinity. It ...Read more
  13. The Hague Tower

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    The Hague Tower


    The Hague tower is a tall building, with stunning glass walled exteriors and a fine finish, that offers you a stunning view, once the sun rays are reflected from its glassy surface. The building houses many a fine dine restaurants and the view from the terrace is known to be stunning and beautiful. A visit to this place would give you a glimpse to the high life and plush biddings of the modern ...Read more
  14. Museum De Gevangenpoort

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    Museum De Gevangenpoort
    Here’s a place which gives you ample insights into the history of criminal law and its evolvement. The place is quite simple with just a few chambers but there’s a lot of history that this place hides. There are torture equipments and the small rooms, in this rather small area. You can take a guided tour to this place, which is available in both Dutch and English and get great insig...Read more
  15. Sea Life Scheveningen

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    Sea Life Scheveningen


    Here’s a zooming ride to the underworld of blues. Through the glass walls you can see the marine life in its natural environment, floating by. There’s the miniature sharp toothed piranhas, wonderful animals including rays, sharks, starfish, penguins, otters and many more such wonderful marine life. This is an international brand of marine life aquariums, which enthralls people of al...Read more