How to Reach Tianjin


  • By Air: Tianjin Binhai International Airport, located in the Zhanggui Village ofDongli District is just 13 kilometers away from the city centre. It has services to many regional cities as well as a few international destinations like Hong Kong, Hiroshima, Kaula Lumpur, Seoul, Taipei and Ulaanbaatar. Shuttlebuses are available to take you to the city from the airport. Otherwise, you can fly to Beijing, which is very close to Tianjin, from a number of cities in the world and from there; reach the city by bus or a train.
  • By Train: Tianjin railway station is one of the key points on the Beijing-Harbin railway line and has several crossing trains. It also has two more railway stations known as Tianjin West and Tianjin north stations where trains stop. Tianjin has more than 40 long-distance services and bullet trains connecting various parts of the city.
  • By Bus: Many long distance direct buses run between Tianjin and other Chinese regions, mostly within the province.
  • By Car: Tianjin is connected with an outer ring road and a number of expressways and highways which let the tourists drive to the city freely.
  • By Boat: You can reach Tianjin from Dalian or Incheon in South Korea by boat. A weekly service also runs from the port of Kobe in Japan.


  • By Metro & Binhai Mass Transit (BMT): These are two feasible ways to get around different areas in Tianjin. The former operates in three lines where the latter operates 33 stations.
  • By Bus: Tianjin has a comprehensive bus service that can get you to different places in the city for about 1-1.5 Yuan.
  • By Taxi: There are a number of taxis in Tianjin that can take you to various tourist attractions in and around the city. Like most parts in China, the Taxi fares start at 8 Yuan for 3 kilometres and an additional 1.7 Yuan for every extra kilometre.