Best Things To Do in Tianjin, China

Are you looking for what to do in Tianjin?


  • Tianjin Ancient Culture Street: Ancient Street constructed in traditional Chinese style, with more than hundred stores stretched along the whole street. The place is a must on the itinerary planners of people who love to shop for souvenirs and stuff.
  • Tianjin Eye: Massive wheel constructed on the Bridge of Hai River. The whole rotation of the eye takes about 40 minutes.
  • The Tianjin Tower: A modern tower rising up to the sky. It is located in the business district of Tianjin.
  • Xikai Catholic Church: An architectural masterpiece constructed by the French Jesuit missionaries in 1917.
  • Tianjin Museum: A swan-shaped museum that not only holds artefacts and other ancient relics and exhibits, but also offers a lot of activities to do for its visitors.


There are a couple of travel administration centres around the city that provides you with the maps, guides and other tourist information.

  • Catherine Guo's Tianjin Tours-Day Tour: Touring around the city of Tianjin and other places along with an informative travel guide. Jinfeng Building, Nanchengjie Street, Nankai District, Tianjin 300100, China.
  • Tianjin Haihe River Tourism Boat: Watching the beauty of Tianjin cruising along the River Hai with an experienced tour guide. Dabeiyuan Dock, Hebei District, Tianjin, China.

Below we have a list of things to do in Tianjin and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Tianjin getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Tianjin with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Tianjin

Here is the list of things to do in Tianjin and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Ferris Wheel, Eye Of Tianjin

    Landmark, View Point, Entertainment

    Like a wheel of an upturned bicycle, the Ferris Wheel of Tianjin, also known Tianjin Eye stands about 120 metres tall. One of the four in China and the fourth tallest in the world the most eye catching and unique characteristic about it is that it’s the only one in the world built over a bridge. The wheel has about 48 passenger cubicles, each with a capacity to carry 8 passengers and it t...Read more
  2. Gu Wenhua Jie

    Art And Culture, Outdoors, Walking Area, Street Market

    True to its name, the minute you step into the street you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into Ancient China. This colourful street is adorned with hundreds of stores. The items in those stores being relics, handicrafts, double-sided embroidery, jade carvings, art ceramics, pottery, calligraphy & paint brushes and other items from history. The place is classified a scenic area by th...Read more
  3. The Astor Hotel

    Hotel, Museum, Photo Gallery

    Arguably one of the best and oldest hotel in China is the only one with its own museum that has preserved its illustrious 150 year old history. It was built by British Methodist missionary John Innocent in 1863. The old building is still maintained in the same way and a new one behind it has been constructed. The hotel has about 152 rooms and suites that in design, are a hybrid of both the Vict...Read more
  4. Italian Style Street

    Walking Area, Food And Drinks, Arts And Crafts, Exhibition

    One of the many famous pedestrian streets in Tianjin, the street was built in 1902 since the area was the Italian concession at the time. Formerly known as Xin Yi Street it was renamed to its current name a hundred years later when the Municipal government and Tianjin Haihe Construction Development Co., Ltd made extensive renovations to the street. Since then a lot of Italian style residential ...Read more
  5. Five Great Avenues

    Walking Area, Heritage Building

    Right from the 20th century Tianjin being geographically well placed for transportation and duty-free customs, it was a preferred location for various dignitaries and rich people. It was then that The Fifth avenue became one of Tianjin’s richest neighbourhoods. Renowned as the ‘World Building Exposition’ the avenues are known for having buildings of all kinds of architecture. ...Read more
  6. Shuishang Park

    Outdoors, Island, Waterfront, Park

    Formerly known as the ‘Green Dragon Pond’ the Shuishang Park is the largest park in Tianjin. The presence of two universities nearby made the spot a summer favourite for academic staff and students during the 19th century which later paved way for more developments. It was officially open to the public from 1st July 1951 and today it’s listed as a 4A Tourist site by the Nation...Read more
  7. Great Wall At Huangyaguan Pass

    Outdoors, Trail, Hiking Trail

    Most people think of it as The Great Wall of China which is a general misconception. ‘The Wall’ was never one continuous structure but built in many segregated parts in different places from 220 BC to 1644 AD. So the Great Wall at Huangyaguan Pass is one small section of ‘The Great Wall of China’ which lies in a steep and abrupt mountain ridge in the north of Ji County. ...Read more
  8. Porcelain House

    Museum, Exhibition

    One of the finest examples not just in China but perhaps in the world where art is created from broken and discarded things. The Porcelain House is the result of a life-long commitment and efforts of one business man Zhang Lianzhi with a deep interest towards the art and culture of his nation. The house contains materials which took about 20 years to collect and 5 years to decorate. Today it ha...Read more
  9. Tianjin Haihe Cultural Square

    Art And Culture, Outdoors, Walking Area, Square

    The cultural square gets its name from its close proximity to the Ancient culture street and the revitalizing project development that has been undertaken. They focus more on the cultural traditions and folk traditions of Tianjin. The pavement is aligned with Old buildings and a lot of small artisan shops and stalls. One of the key features of the square is its brilliant & ingenious lightin...Read more
  10. Xikai Church

    Church, Religious Site

    A landmark that can be spotted from miles away with its elegant ‘Green Dome’ the Xikai Church also known as St Joseph’s Cathedral is the largest catholic church in Tianjin. Almost a century old the church was built by French Jesuit Missionaries in 1916 with every brick being imported from France. Its architectural style is distinctively Romanesque. The main hall is big enough ...Read more
  11. Tianjin  Quanyechang  Building

    Entertainment, Theatre, Shopping Center

    Known as the oldest shopping mall in China the Quanyechang Building was the first of its kind. It was completed in 1928 by the French architect Muller and was the most famous and largest shopping centre back then and had only five floors. The sixth and seventh were added much later after the War. Today it encourages both commercial and entertainment services and is now one of the three major re...Read more
  12. Tianjin Zoo

    Outdoors, Wildlife Sanctuary , Zoo, Picnic Spot

    The Tianjin Zoo is one of the ‘Top Ten’ scenic spots in Tianjin being home some of the most exotic animals. This 133 acre land is divided into separate habitats for the animals. Besides from the usual lion, tiger, zebra, monkey the zoo hosts a number of rare species like Panda, lynx, Swan, Jaguar and Macaw. There’s an open feeding area to feed the animals. Other than that ther...Read more
  13. Tianjin People's Park

    Outdoors, Amusement Park, Park

    Once owned by a private salt merchant after its donation to government today has become everyone’s favourite park in Tianjin. Built during the Qing dynasty in 1863 the park was a private garden that belonged to Li Chuncheng. After the establishment of People’s Republic of China in 1949 the LI family donated it to the government and it was open to the public from 1951. Apart from the...Read more
  14. Jingyuan

    Architecture , Heritage Building

    The home of the Last Emperor of China, Aisin Gioro Puyi, the twelfth and final ruler of the Qing Dynasty is now classified as a heritage structure, 3A scenic spot. The residence is a unique combination of both Chinese and European architecture. The building has 21 rooms of which the main structure has a Spanish styled brick wood construction while the interiors are all restored to their origina...Read more
  15. Dabei Monastery

    Temple, Monastery

    Built during the Ming dynasty and covering about 10,600 sqmts the Dabei Monastery is the largest and oldest in Tianjin. It is also the only monastery to provide delicious vegetarian food. The monastery is divided in two parts. The west part is the old temple while the east is the new one. Each part consists of Halls that honor the gods and deities of the Buddhist tradition. The west has the Wen...Read more