Events and Festivals in Tokyo

Many festivals occur during the year in Tokyo, many of which are centered around a specific Shinto Shrine.

  • Kanda Matsuri: One of the large Shinto festivals of the city, it is held on the weekend around May 15th at the Kanda Shrine. A large parade that includes mikoshi porters and floats. Odd-numbered years.
  • Sanja Matsuri: Every year, the third weekend in May sees this wild festival take place at the Asakusa Shrine with portable mikoshi shrines and traditional music and dance.
  • Sanno Matsuri: Celebrating the city’s rulers in mid-June, this festival. Events during a week happen at the Hie Shrine. Tea ceremonies and traditional music and dance take place. Happens in even-numbered years.
  • Tokyo Jazz Festival: An annual two day event which showcases performers from around the globe.
  • Tokyo Summer Festival: An annual international music festival that invites artists from around the world to perform in Japan and has a different theme each year.


  • Shimokitazawa: This area is not frequented by the normal tourist crowds. Instead, the bohemian ambiance play host to street musicians and a bustling little community of artists and dive bar patrons. Great little food joints hide away down thin alleyways, beckoning you in. There are thousands of hotels throughout the city, and visitors will have to choose depending on where they wish to be located. Plenty of backpacker and budget hostels are available, just remember to read reviews thoroughly.

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