How to Reach Tokyo

The Easiest Way to Reach Tokyo


  • By Air: All international flights to Tokyo land at Narita airport and the domestic flights at Haneda airport.
  • By Rail: Tokyo is well connected to other cities by high speed Shinkansen train service. There are various services and trains have different schedule – do make it a point to obtain the details before your travel.
  • By Car: Traveling to Tokyo in Car is not the best way due to heavy traffic and hefty parking service in the City.
  • By Bus: Tokyo is accessible by bus as well – JR and private bus companies have services connecting the City to its neighbours and further. Although a train journey might be more convenient.
  • By Boat: Tokyo has domestic ferry services. From port you can take a bus to reach to the City.


  • Walking: Trying to tackle the whole city on foot is a daunting task. Better to use public transportation to arrive in a district, see it on foot, and then continue with transport.
  • Cycling: Some roads have dedicated bicycle lanes. It is a common form of transportation, especially for sightseeing.
  • Car: Tokyo is the largest city in the world, and as such it is not recommendable to use a car. Parking is expensive, especially at popular sites, and road traffic can be hectic.
  • Bus: There are a few dozen bus companies that maintain bus routes in Tokyo. It serves as a complementary system to the principle train system. You could also take a tour with one of the Tokyo sightseeing bus services. Pay buses with exact change in yen.
  • Train: Traveling around in a train can be a wonderful experience as subway system is the largest in the world, and it is the main mode of transportation for its 30 million inhabitants. The system is clean and efficient.

Modes of Transportation in Tokyo

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in Tokyo. The most preferred mode of transport in Tokyo is Train/Metro.

Average distance: 16.98 km Average time: 43.79 min

  • Train/Metro 60.53%
    Train 35 min Walking 9.83 min Waiting 3.5 min Bus 0.87 min Overall average time for 21.37 kms 49.2 min
  • Bike 2.63%
    Bike 25 min Overall average time for 6 kms 25 min
  • Bus/Trolleybus 2.63%
    Bus 30 min Walking 10 min Waiting 5 min Overall average time for 5 kms 45 min
  • Walking 23.68%
    Walking 18.22 min Train 8.67 min Waiting 2 min Bus 1.11 min Overall average time for 5.86 kms 30 min
  • Car 2.63%
    Driving 55 min Walking 1 min Overall average time for 45 kms 56 min
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