Best Things To Do in Toledo, Spain

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Toledo is a captivating city that exudes a historical charm that reflects well through its structures that peep through its medieval lanes. There are a number of monuments that find a pivotal place in the landscape of this city some of which are Cathedral de Toledo, Museo de Santa Cruz, Alcázar, Sinagoga del Tránsito, and many others. This fascinating city is also home to squares and mosques such as Plaza De Zocodover, Mosque Of Cristo De La Luz respectively that call for attention and a visit. The bridge of San Martin is an important one that beams with architectural excellence and tourists who love to take a stroll over here. You can also visit the exquisite Santa María La Blanca which was built as a synagogue in the 12th Century by Moorish craftsmen and still adorns Toledo today. With these number of attractions and sights, Toledo in Spain will engage you to spend your vacations here whole heartedly.

Below we have a list of things to do in Toledo and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Toledo getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

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Tourist Attractions in Toledo

Here is the list of things to do in Toledo and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Museo El Greco

    4.3 (1710 Votes)
    Museo El Greco

    Art Museum, Museum

    If you are fond of paintings, make sure you add the name of this museum in your itinerary list of Toledo. Opened in 1911, the museum is solely dedicated to preserve the artworks of the painter, El Greco. It is located in the Jewish Quarter of Toledo. The premise has 2 buildings, one is a 16th century house with a courtyard and another is a 20th century old. Both the buildings are connected with...Read more
  2. Monasterio De San Juan De Los Reyes

    Historical Site, Monastery

    Also known as Monastery of Saint John of the kings, this historic monastery of Toledo was founded by King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabella I of Castile in honor of the birth of their son, Prince John and also their victory over the army of Afonso V Portugal in the Battle of Toro (1476). Its construction work got finished in 1504, with splendid cloisters. However, few changes were made ...Read more
  3. Synagogue Of El Transito

    4.4 (1332 Votes)
    Synagogue Of El Transito

    Religious Site, Historical Site, Architecture , Specialty Museum

    It is the only synagogue, belonging to the 14th century and was built under the recommendation of Pedro I. It now houses the Museo Sefardi. True to its era, the architectural design of the synagogue reflects a mixture of artwork of Gothic, Cordoba Islamic art style and Jewish. The interior portion is decorated with Mudejar elements and inscriptions, written in Arabic and Hebrew. A trip to the i...Read more
  4. Alcazar

    4 (1983 Votes)

    Military Museum, Historical Site, Monument

    On the highest hill of Toledo, stand Alzacar. It is one of the few historical buildings of the city. The construction of the building started in Roman period. However, during the reign of Alfonso VI and Alfonso X, the building was rebuilt and it became the first example of square fortress with towers. The last reconstruction work took place in the region of Emperor Charles V. At present, the ca...Read more
  5. Santa Maria La Blanca

    4.2 (1267 Votes)
    Santa Maria La Blanca

    Art And Culture, Church, Religious Site, Museum

    Erected in 1180, this synagoga was originally known as Ibn Shushan Synagogue. It is said to be the oldest synagoga of Europe that is still standing without much damage. At present, the building is owned by the Catholic Church. The unique feature of the building is its design as the building was constructed under the Christian kingdom of Castile by Islamic architects for Jewish use. So, the arch...Read more
  6. Museum Of Santa Cruz

    4.4 (1045 Votes)
    Museum Of Santa Cruz

    Museum, Archaeological Site , Arts And Crafts

    It is one of the important museums of the city preserving a quality collection that includes archeological, decorative art work and fine arts. It was founded by Cardinal Mendoza. The collections are divided into 3 major categories – Archeology – Devoted to Roman, Visigothic, Moorish and Mudejar cultures. Fine arts – Excellent artwork belonging to 16th and 17th century and don...Read more
  7. Mosque Of Cristo De La Luz

    4.2 (823 Votes)
    Mosque Of Cristo De La Luz

    Mosque, Historical Site

    It is one of the ten mosques, dated back from the year 999 and still existing and preserving some of the important collections of Islamic art. In the 12th century, it was devoted to Christianity and has a statue of Christ. However, it was later on concealed within a wall to avoid ‘ profanation’. In the interior, the space is splits into 9 sections that are covered by ribbed vaults w...Read more
  8. Puerta De Alfonso V I

    4.6 (882 Votes)
    Puerta De Alfonso V I

    Landmark, Walking Area, Historical Site, Architecture

    It is the oldest city gate of Toledo. It is said to be older than Puerta de Bisagra. Another popular name of this gate if Puerta Vieja de Bisagra. According to the history, it is the sole remaining of the Arab wall. During 9th century, this gate was considered as the only entry point to the city. However, after Puerta de Bisagra was built, the later one became the entrance point. On the fa&cced...Read more
  9. Museo Convento De Santo Domingo El Antiguo

    History Museum, Historical Site, Tomb

    It is considered as one of the oldest convents in Toledo, build in 11th century and founded by Alfonso VI. Later in 1577, it was reform in to mannerist style. Primary attraction of the museum is El Greco’s first paintings collection. Another feature is the tomb of the artist and the sculptures made of wood, stone, retablos, ceramic, textiles and the tombstones. You also get to see the ori...Read more
  10. Victorio Macho Museum

    4.3 (642 Votes)
    Victorio Macho Museum

    Art And Culture, Historical Site, Monument, Entertainment

    Victorio Macho was a famous 20th century Spanish sculptor and his art was influenced by art deco. He found a unique location, above the Tarpeian Rock, where he set his house and workshop. Today, his nest has turned out to be one of the significant gems of Toledo. On his death, he left some of the significant works for Spain by creating Museo Victorio Macho (Victorio Macho Museum) and the Fundac...Read more
  11. Castillo De San Servando

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    Castillo De San Servando

    Observatory, Educational Site, Castle, Historical Site

    It is a medieval castle of Toledo. It was built with the aim to serve as monastery for the monks. However, with passing time, it remained as a monastery but for the Knights Templar. At present, it is both hotel and hostel. Public entrance within the castle is not allowed. However, you can enjoy its view from the outside. To get permission within the castle, you need to provide proper document, ...Read more
  12. Iglesia Del Salvador

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    Iglesia Del Salvador

    Church, Religious Site, Outdoors, Observatory

    It was once considered as a medieval church during the period of late Roman and Visigoth. However, in the 19th century, it was turned into a mosque, facing southeast towards Mecca. Again, during the reign of King Alfonso VII, the building was converted into a church. This is because in 1145, during heavy storm the king and his wife took shelter in this church. Every day, they used to pray God t...Read more
  13. Santiago Del Arrabel

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    Santiago Del Arrabel

    Religious Site, Temple, Outdoors, Observatory

    It is considered as one of the prominent Mudejar temples of Toledo. It is a 13th century old church, built with bricks under the patronage of Sancho Capelo (King of Portugal). The unique feature of the church is its square floor plan. The exterior portion of the church is decorated with double row of ‘multifoil’ opening. Interior of the church has 14th century olf Mudejar plasterwork.
  14. Puente De San Martin

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    Puente De San Martin

    Outdoors, Observatory, Bridge, Educational Site

    Also known as St. Martin’s Bridge, it is a 13th century old bridge, built across the river Tagus in Toledo Spain. This bridge was built by archbishop Pedro Tenorio to connect the old town in the west to the east. Both end of the bridge has strong towers, supporting the bridge. The striking feature of the bridge is the five arches. The largest one is the middle arch that has a length of 40...Read more
  15. Bridge Of San Martin

    View Point, River, Bridge, Architecture

    This Bridge is a medieval one which runs across Tagus River. Being constructed in the end of 14th century, this Bridge would provide access from the west to the old town. One should visit this place to view the 5 huge arches built in it. The arch in the middle is the largest of them all and is 40m high. You will get an amazing view of the river below and the entire place from this bridge.