Best Things To Do in Torremolinos, Spain

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  • Parque La Bateria (Battery Park): A relaxing place for a quiet stroll with a nice boating lake and a children’s playground. A great spot for a picnic.
  • Crocodile Park: An informative park with, you guessed it, crocodiles. The guided tour will give you all the information you need on these fantastic beasts. 
  • La Carihuela: A former fisherman’s district and now a popular beachfront with sunbeds and parasols for hire. Nice places to eat all around.
  • Scuba Diving: This should definitely be on your list if you’re an adventure seeker or a nature lover – your vacation planner for Torremolinos cannot miss this.
  • Playa El Bajondillo: If you don’t like crowds which you will most definitely find at the Carihuela beach, you should head here. The beach has lots of facilities and plenty of restaurants and bars.
  • Jardin Botanico Molino de Inca: Peaceful and immaculately kept botanical gardens with a variety of flora and fountains. A true gem.
  • Calle San Miguel: A great shopping area with lots of knick knacks and souvenirs. Can be a little crowded during summers.

Below we have a list of things to do in Torremolinos and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Torremolinos getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Torremolinos with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Torremolinos

Here is the list of things to do in Torremolinos and tourist attractions in city.

  1. El Gato Lounge

    4.4 (2130 Votes)
    El Gato Lounge

    Outdoors, Beach, Food And Drinks, Restaurant

    This is a lovely restaurant on the beach with a funky menu and friendly staff. The cuisine is mainly a blend of Spanish and Fusion and the highlight is the yummy ‘Tapas Box’ that is rarely found elsewhere. The handmade wine, salads, cold sandwiches and sea food are also recommended a try. 
  2. Calle San Miguel

    Street Market, Shopping Center

    This is a typical Spanish street located just in the heart of the city. It is a one- stop destination for all shoppers. Situated very close to the Carihuela Beach, this street is lined with pubs, bars, shops, cafes, boutique and restaurants. The street is also known for its traditional charm and cleanliness. If you are at the beach front then you have two options- first to find 182 stairs that ...Read more
  3. Parque La Bateria Or Battery Park

    Park, Entertainment

    This is more of a hidden gem of the stone in spite of being located in an important destination. It was once a military base during the mid 20th century and this is still evident from the guns that you will see displayed around the park. The park was publicly opened in 2007. The main features of the park that you can look out for are: The high tower that symbolizes the fortifications of the pa...Read more
  4. Playa La Carihuela

    4 (826 Votes)
    Playa La Carihuela

    Beach, Waterfront, Entertainment

    This beach is a great place for an all –year- round visit and especially for sunbathing. It is a flat beach and thus safe for all ages. It is a very clean and well maintained beach with very good restaurants and bars. The food here is very reasonable and tasty too. Altogether, it is a very good place for strolling and relaxing.
  5. The Bailey Irish Pub

    4.3 (469 Votes)
    The Bailey Irish Pub

    Food And Drinks, Pubs, Restaurant

    This is one of the best and few Irish restaurants in the city that have very friendly staff, yummy food and a very comfortable atmosphere. The highlights are beef steak and Guinness Pie. The helpings are larger compared to any other place and once you finish it you can almost go along with no food for the rest of the day. The drinks are also reasonably priced and the music is soothing. It is al...Read more
  6. Molino De Inca Botanical Garden

    Garden, Botanical Garden, Nature

    This is mainland Spain’s one of the best three public gardens. The name “Molino de Inca” has originated from the license that was obtained by Joseph de Inca Sotomayor in the 18th century for building a twin flour mill project on this same piece of land. The garden area was much later designed by Manuel Simon and opened publicly in 2003 with almost a 100 types of palms. The mai...Read more
  7. Church Of San Miguel

    Church, Religious Site, Cathedral

    This is a parish church dedicated to Torremolinos’ patron saint, St. Michael Arcangel. It is a small but beautiful church. The environment is very peaceful and comfortable. The interior of this simple building is well decorated with stained glass windows and an ornate altar. The church also overlooks the Carihuela Beach and offers mesmerizing views.
  8. Plaza De Toros

    3.8 (41 Votes)
    Plaza De Toros

    Historical Site, Plaza, Heritage Building

    This is a historical place that still upholds the culture of the Spaniards- bull fighting. As you get into this shopping arena, you will also come across the bull ring and the surrounding area which will enlighten you completely with the picture of Spanish history. You can also choose a guided tour of the whole area and you will surely not get disappointed. It does not really take much time and...Read more
  9. Playa Los Alamos Or  El Canuelo

    Beach, Water Body, Waterfront, View Point

    This is another of the beautiful beaches of the city though it comes a little after the others in preference. This is because the beach does not have too many facilities as compared to the other beaches. The beach is no doubt good for swimming but you will hardly find any proper beach beds, bars or restaurants out here. The beach is also quite rocky but it is good if you just want to take a str...Read more
  10. Styles Music Bar

    Bar, Winery, Entertainment

    The hosts Les and Alison will welcome you so well that you will feel at home here. This bar has a fun and comfortable atmosphere with a fantastic range of drinks to choose from, very good food and pleasing music. It is also known as a karaoke bar as Alison does make sure to pull people from the crowd and make you sing to the music even if you are a non- singer.
  11. Shenanigans

    Bar, Beach, Food And Drinks, Restaurant

    This is also one of the top rated bars of the city with a large glass pane window from inside which you can watch people on the beach while you sip on a class of cocktail. The host is very entertaining and the service is prompt. There is a wide range of cocktails to choose from and you can also enjoy sports and music every time here. 
  12. La Nogalera

    4.1 (95 Votes)
    La Nogalera


    Better known as Apartamentos La Nogalera, this is a beautiful 3- star hotel in the heart of busy Torremolinos. This is a unique place that has to offer gay beaches, bars, discotheques, saunas, etc. It is also at a very close distance from proper Malaga. It is a modern apartment situated in the middle of gay Torremolinos with 2 swimming pools, bars, restaurants, etc. You can also walk up to the ...Read more
  13. Casa De Los Navajas

    Museum, History Museum, Observatory, Palace

    Also known as the House of Knives is a protected historical interest destination under the municipality of the city. This was a small palace that was built in 1925 and belonged to Antonio Navajas. He was a very rich business man who dealt in sugarcane. This is situated on top of a cliff that overlooks the beach of El Bajondillo. This mansion has 2 floors with the 1st floor being the residence f...Read more
  14. Pablo Ruiz Picasso Cultural Center

    Museum, Educational Site, Entertainment, Exhibition

    This place is where the great artist Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born and this museum is dedicated to the life of this great personality. This is apart from it also a contemporary and modern art museum. Most of the galleries are filled with the masterpieces of Picasso who is said to have been an active artist for about 60 years. There are also works of other great artists and some funky doodle art p...Read more
  15. La Cervezateca

    4.4 (30 Votes)
    La Cervezateca

    Bar, Outdoors, Food And Drinks, Restaurant

    This is a lovely beer bar where you get spoilt for choice. The hosts will make you feel at home. It is a good place to visit pre or post dinner and you get a choice from a range of more than 100 varieties of beer. There are seating options out in the open or inside the A/C bar. They serve you drinks in a special glass every time and will also tell you stories about the city and the people. The ...Read more