Best Things To Do in Tours, France

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  • Tours Cathedral: A historic Cathedral in the city dedicated to Saint Gatien, the first bishop of the church.
  • Jardin botanique de Tours: A five hectare municipal botanical gardens and arboretum with about 2000 plants put together in greenhouses.
  • Musee des Beaux-Arts de Tours: A historic monument with a large indigenous collection of paintings.
  • Hotel Gouin: A fifteenth century mansion, said to be the home of Jean de Xaincoings.
  • Ruins of the Basilica of St. Martin of Tours: The remains of St. Martin’s Basilica.


  • Loire Valley Time Travel Day Tours: Two days tour of the Loire Valley, including the Chateaus in the country side and the Wineries. Address: Boulevard Huerteloup, Tours, France.
  • Le Petit Train de Tours: A fifty minutes guided tour of the city in a tiny train. A fun way to collect Tours, France tourist information. Address: Boulevard Heuterloup, 37000 Tours, France.

Below we have a list of things to do in Tours and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Tours getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

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Tourist Attractions in Tours

Here is the list of things to do in Tours and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Cathedrale St-gatien

    4.6 (1134 Votes)
    Cathedrale St-gatien

    Religious Site, Architecture , Cathedral

    The Cathedral St-Gatien is a Roman Catholic Church in the city of Tours which is devoted to the first bishop of Tours, Saint Gatien. The cathedral is a must visit tourist attraction, although it is hidden inside the city and is very easy to miss. It has also a rather interesting history as it has been burnt down and rebuilt twice, most popularly as a result of the conflict between Henry II of E...Read more
  2. Rue Nationale

    Walking Area, Market, Square, Shopping Center

    Spread over a length of 700 meters, the Rue Nationale is the oldest and one of the most crowded and bustling shopping streets in Tours. Formerly known as Rue Royale, the Rue Nationale is situated at the centre of the city and passes from the Boulevard Heurteloup to the Andre Malraux Avenue near the River Loire. The major highlights of the street are: Constructed in the 15th century, it was rec...Read more
  3. Musee Du Compagnonnage

    4.5 (586 Votes)
    Musee Du Compagnonnage


    The Musee du Compagnonnage or the Guild Museum is a municipal museum in Tours that is located in cloisters of the 13th century abbey of Saint Julian. The collection in this museum is dedicated to the Compagnonnage (Companions of the Tour de France), which was an apprenticeship-cum-trade-union system dating back from the Middle Ages. The must-see exhibits at the museum are: A variety of histori...Read more
  4. Musee Des Beaux-arts

    4.3 (424 Votes)
    Musee Des Beaux-arts


    The Musee des Beaux-Arts is the museum of fine arts that is situated in the former palace of the Archbishop of Tours. Established in the year 1795, the museum is an art lover’s paradise and has a diverse variety of paintings and historical artefacts which include Medieval art Italian Primitive show works by Mantegna, Vivarini, Giovanni di Paolo, etc. French paintings until the nineteenth...Read more
  5. Office De Tourisme De Tours

    4.3 (501 Votes)
    Office De Tourisme De Tours


    Located right beside the Gare de Tours train station, the Office de Tourisme de Tours (the Tourist Information Office) is the best place for tourists to plan their way around anywhere in the Loire Valley. The office is excellently staffed with friendly, helpful and most importantly, English speaking assistants who can guide you to the tourist attractions in and around the city. They are associa...Read more
  6. Jardin Botanique De Tours

    4.5 (552 Votes)
    Jardin Botanique De Tours

    Botanical Garden

    Termed as the city’s oldest public garden, the Jardin Botanique de Tours is a municipal botanical garden in the city of Tours. The major highlights of the garden are as follows: Covers an area of 5 hectares. Constructed in the year 1843 at the initiative taken by the pharmacist Jean-Anthyme Margueron with the help of money raised through public subscription. Survived through many natural...Read more
  7. Basilique Saint Martin

    4.5 (702 Votes)
    Basilique Saint Martin

    Church, Religious Site

    The Basilique Saint Martin in Tours is a basilica which was constructed to honor Saint Martin, the most revered bishop of Tours in the 4th century. The architecture of the basilica is unique and was designed by the architect Victor Laloux between the years 1886 and 1902 in the neo-Byzantine style. The basilica was destroyed and rebuilt a few times before the Middle Ages, after which it was comp...Read more
  8. Jardins Des Prebendes D'oe

    4.5 (569 Votes)
    Jardins Des Prebendes D'oe

    Garden, Walking Area, Monument, Statue

    The Jardins des Prebendes d'Oe is a landscaped public garden in the city of Tours that resembles the 19th century French landscape styles. The major features of the garden are as follows: Created in the year 1872 by the famous architect Eugene Buhler. Covers an area of 4.5 hectares. A diverse range of trees and plants are planted all over its area with a myriad of flowers presenting a colourfu...Read more
  9. Prieure De Saint-cosme

    4.3 (300 Votes)
    Prieure De Saint-cosme

    Landmark, Historical Site, Monastery

    The Prieure de Saint-Cosme, also known as the Ronsard Priory is a monastery that dates back from the 11th century and is less than an hour’s walk from the city of Tours. Dedicated to Saint Cosme, the priory was home to the famous poet, Pierre de Ronsard in the 16th century who was also the prior from 1565 to 1585. The priory also enjoyed the lavish spending of King Louis XI of France who ...Read more
  10. Loire Valley Time Travel Day Tours

    Ancient Ruin, Food And Drinks, Restaurant, Market

    The Loire Valley Time Travel Day Tours is a private tours service conducted by a warm and friendly Australian couple Susan Walter and Simon Brand. The couple has settled down in this French countryside and love showing the Loire Valley to visitors, where Simon drives their classic cars and Susan shares her bank of knowledge about the Loire Valley that encompasses its history, natural environmen...Read more
  11. Escape Yourself


    Escape Yourself is a recreation centre where people can come and immerse themselves in the exciting world of interesting puzzles and riddles, unsolved codes and mindboggling optical illusions with their friends and family. The highlights of the attraction are: Structured as a theme room game. A team activity where a group of 3-6 members is locked in a theme room from where the team has to succ...Read more
  12. Extravagance

    4.5 (266 Votes)

    Food And Drinks, Casino, Dine In, Entertainment

    For experiencing a special evening of fine dining and musical extravaganza in Tours city, you can go to Extravagance, a cabaret music hall. Located in an industrial complex at Indre-et-Loire at a mere distance of 10 minutes from the main city of Tours. The place provides dinner and breakfast shows with excellent food that provides a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for the guests while watching ...Read more
  13. Cloister Of La Psalette

    4.2 (261 Votes)
    Cloister Of La Psalette

    Church, Religious Site, Library, Architecture

    As the name translates, the Cloister of la Psalette is an ancient choir cloister that is showcases the historical legacy of Tours. Located to the north of the Saint Gatien Cathedral, the choir cloister dates back to the Middle Ages. It is constitutes of three galleries that reflect ornate elements of the Gothic and Renaissance styles of architecture. It was also considered to be the rehearsal h...Read more
  14. Lasermaxx

    4.4 (207 Votes)

    Entertainment, Games

    Lasermaxx is a recreation centre where people compete in a futuristic maze and score the maximum points by shooting down their opponents. A completely new and unique experience, Lazermaxx is a great way to have fun with your friends, family and colleagues by playing a game of laser tag where you have to shoot down your opponents using laser guns. Major features of this attraction are: A room d...Read more
  15. Le Gros Bar

    Bar, Food And Drinks, Adults

    As the name suggests, Le Gros Bar is one of the best bars in Colbert Street where you can have a drink, unwind and just take a break from all the sightseeing. The bar offers a new and original concept of providing wines with an assortment of syrups that make for quite refreshing drinks. Translated to be known as the ‘Big Bar’, people can also play a number of drinking games such as ...Read more