Events and Festivals in Trier

Events and Festivals in Trier

  • Alstadfest: It is a historic event which takes place in the month of June and showcases a wide range of music and other activities such as concerts. The festival also includes various stalls that offer different kinds of foods and sweets.
  • Brot und Spiele: Translated as the Bread and Games festival, the event takes place in the month of August and lasts for two days. It celebrates the way people lived during the ancient Roman times. The festival takes place at two important monuments in Trier; the Imperial Baths and the Amphitheatre.
  • Wine and Gourmet Festival: This event takes place in the spring of each year and features local wines and foods which are enjoyed by both locals and travellers.
  • Trier Christmas Market: Held from November to December, the festival offers visitors the perfect place to do all their Christmas items shopping. The most popular items for sale at this festival are nutcrackers, wooden toys and Lebkuchen (spiced gingerbread).
  • Mosel Music Festival: One of the biggest and most popular festivals of Germany, Mosel Music Festival allows around 22 towns that lie along the Mosel River to participate. Its concerts include different kinds of music from classical to blues, medieval to jazz, boogie to organ and world music.

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