How to Reach Udupi


  • By Air: Udupi does not have an airport of its own, and the closest one is the Mangalore International Airport which just 50 kilometres away. This airport connects Udupi to international destinations like Kuwait, Dubai and Qatar, and all major domestic destinations.
  • By Train: The Udupi Railway Station which is managed by the Konkan Railway is 4 kilometres away from the city. It directly connects Udupi with all major cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru and New Delhi.
  • By Bus: The City Bus Stand has private as well as government buses that frequently run to various parts of Karnataka.
  • By Car: Udupi can be reached by two National Highways namely, NH13 (Mangalore to Solapur) and NH66 (Mangalore to Karwar via Kundapur). State highways to Karkala, Dharmastala and Sringeri too connect to Udupi.


  • By Buses: Udupi has a good bus network, and various private buses run across the city. A bus trip usually starts and ends at the main City Bus Stand, making stops across the city.
  • By Taxi: A taxi must be hired in advance as they may not be available everywhere.
  • By Autorickshaw: Considered to be the cheapest form of transport suitable for short distances, these can be hailed off the road.
  • By Foot: Depending on the location of your stay, many best tourist attractions can be accessed by foot. Be careful of the tiny intertwined roads and the lack of footpaths.