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One of the ancient cities of India, Ujjain is an amalgamation of history, myth, spirituality and religious belief. Located on the eastern bank of Shipra river, this city has preserved its cultural heritage in its folds like no other city. According to Mahabharata, Ujjain was the capital of Avanti kingdom and thus enjoyed a certain political significance through the pages of history. Geographically, Ujjain was pivotal as it used to lay on the main trade route between north India and Deccan going from Mathura via Ujjain to Mahishmati (Maheshwar) on the Narmada river and to Paithan on the river Godavari, western Asia and the West. After a denouement of conquests, Ujjain once again saw resurrection at the beginning of the 17th century under Marathas who gave impetus to a cultural renaissance in the region and modern Ujjain came into being. Infact, most of the temples that you see here today are the relics of this period only.

Coming to the literary forefront, Ujjain and Kalidas are considered to be inseparable. Kalidas, one of the most prominent classical Sanskrit writer, mentions this eternal city in his poem Meghdootam with full vigour. He described it as ‘The town fallen from Heaven to bring Heaven to Earth’ suggesting its embellished art, architecture and history. Dating back to 600 BC, this city was once home to Ashoka, one of the greatest kings of India. Today, Madhya Pradesh tourism wants to delineate this exquisite city on the world map and wants to highlight its various attractions, promoting international tourism.

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