Events and Festivals in Uppsala


  • Easter is celebrated with great aplomb across Sweden and Uppsala is no exception. If you’re out and about on the streets, be sure to carry some sweets for little children who will hand you Easter cards in exchange for them.


  • The Walpurgis celebrations occur every year on April 30 on the eve of the feast day of Saint Walpurga when thousands of people come out on the streets to celebrate the ancient pagan custom to protect the residents against witches. Expect to get drenched with Champagne. In the morning around 10 AM, students on decorated rafts race down the Fyris River. At 3 PM, you will see people gather below Carolina Rediviva and don white students cap amidst great rejoice. You will then witness a choir performance at night. Put it on your must do list of this things.


  • The first week of August witnesses the largest reggae festival in Scandinavia—the Uppsala Reggae Festival. If you’re a music lover, be sure to catch this festival as many famous reggae artists play on the stage.


  • Kulturnatten or culture night is an event every second Saturday of September where people of Uppsala show their talents.


  • Christmas Eve is a widely celebrated evening across Uppsala. You’re a lucky traveller if you’re invited to dinner by a local, as most of the quiet festivities occur indoors with a lovely traditional feast. 

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