Uruguay Tourism - Best of Uruguay

Uruguay lies across the Rio de la Plata from Buenos Aires (Argentina). If you thought the tango is the copyright of Argentina then you have got to see what a favorite it is with the people in Uruguay! They celebrate the Carnival with the joie de vivre of all Hispanic Americans. People visit this country to see the sublime Atlantic beach resorts, the beautiful town of Colonia still frozen in the 18th century and enjoy the great range of sports on offer. About half the population of Uruguay lives in Greater Montevideo. Europeans will find their own kind in Uruguay, as Uruguayans are all basically European, mostly of Spanish and Italian origin.

How to Enter :-

Air:-The country has 2 main airports – Montevideo’s Aeropuerto International Carrasco and Punta Del Este’s Aeropuerto El Sauce. There are frequent flights from Buenos Aires (Argentina), Brazil, Asuncion (Paraguay) and Santiago (Chile) to Carrasco.

Climate and best time to visit : -

Uruguay is a year-round destination to visit, as there are no extremes in temperature and it always remains as a good-to-go destination. The rainfalls are almost equally distributed throughout the year. Being in the Southern hemisphere, Uruguay witness’s summer in the months of December to March. This period is the best time to visit the country if one is looking at enjoying the many pristine beaches and water activities offered to tourists.

What to see : -

Uruguay has more tourists than any other South American country because of its 500km of gorgeous beaches lining the Atlantic and the Rio de la Plata. Montevideo, the capital, has nine sublime bathing beaches. 145km from Montevideo is Punta Del Este with two main beaches that offer water-skiing, surfing and yachting. Golfers can tee off at the golf course there. Try the thermal baths at Termas de Guaviyu!