Events and Festivals in Urumqi

  • Tianshui : TianshuiFuxi Culture and Tourism festival – this festival was first started in 1988 and it is held in the month of July and August. In this festival, many activities like the memorial ceremony for Fuxi, exhibition of local arts and traditional dance and songs performances are held.
  • Zhangye : Mati Tourism festival – this festival is held in August from 15th to 18th. It features equestrian feats and traditional athletics. Local delicacies like roast mutton, ghee tea and liquor are the authentic dishes of this event.
  • Urumqi snow festival : this festival is held in late December when the mountains around Urumqi are covered with white snow. During this event, tourists can take part in different activities like group tours to Mountain Tianshan, self- drive adventure and ice sculpture exhibition. 

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