15 Best Things To Do In Vacaville, California

Vacaville is located in the Solano County of Northern California. It is situated between Sacramento and San Francisco. The town is a part of the Bay area of San Francisco, but some may consider it under the Sacramento Valley. If you want to soak in the vibe of California, Vacaville is the place to be. The area got its name from a traveler named Juan Manuel Vaca in 1842. Since then Vacaville is amongst the favorite tourist destinations in California. From wine-tasting to nature parks, factory tours to outdoor concerts, the town has everything you can ask for. It is sometimes referred to as the Electric Car Capital of the country since you will see many electric cars running on the roads. You will find 45 different electric car charging plugs or points throughout the town. Vacaville has a large number of things to do.

Let's explore 15 best things to do in Vacaville: 

1. Lagoon Valley Park 

 Lagoon Valley Park - imageImage Source: flickr.com

Lagoon Valley Park is always the most preferred place to visit in Vacaville. The park covers an area of 470-acres and boasts of some beautiful trails. From fishing to sailing, biking to hiking, you will find it all here. The park also features vast areas for picnic and BBQ. The landscape here is the most stunning in the whole of  Vacaville. 

2. Nut Tree 

 Nut Tree - imageImage Source: flickr.com

California's Legendary Road Stop is the Nut Tree. With 71-acres of an area, the Nut Tree includes a retail park and an amusement center. Initially, it was only a single tree standing alongside the highway. Slowly, it became a famous stop and then a legendary Road Stop in California. The park has been renovated for full family amusement. It has some fine dining restaurants and stores. It also features 26 quality restaurants at present. 

3. Local markets

The vintage market is located around St. Paul's Methodist Church. You will be happy to find this place, especially if you are good at bargaining. You can stroll to the stalls selling furniture, jewelry, clothes, kitchenware, and more. Hop into the farmer's market for more satisfaction. The farmer's market provides fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as baked goods and eggs. You can enjoy fresh food and live music every third Saturday of the month between 8 am to 12 pm. You can enjoy the market from May to October. 

4. Taste wine in Suisun Valley 

Taste wine in Suisun Valley - imageImage Source: flickr.com

A perfect way to end a tiring day is a glass of wine. Be sure to attend the vineyards of Solano County and taste some spectacular wines. You can find many varieties here and feast yourself. Also, take advantage of the stands' expensive farm wines prepared locally out of fruits. 

5. Vacaville Museum

The Museum was established in 1984. It gives you an insight into Vacaville history and its surrounding areas. The museum hosts various exhibitions and some educational programs for the people visiting it. Here, you will dive into the insights of the town and its vicinity. The exhibits change throughout the year. You can avail the guided tours. Don't forget to visit the gift shops to pick a few handmade goodies.

6. Andrews Park

The park is beautifully maintained amidst city center. It consists of 5 BBQ pits, one playground, and few historical trails. Andrews Park hosts various concerts and other events throughout the year. It is a perfect place for you to have a day out with family or a small hike with friends. The park also features numerous electrical points.

7. Creekwalk Plaza

Creekwalk Plaza is situated at the edge of the Andrews Park. The plaza hosts many parties and events throughout the year. You can witness many local talents performing beautiful music. Food Truck Mania is a popular event which is held every 2nd Sunday of the month from April to September. Witness the fantastic Creekwalk Summer Concert Series while you are in town. Meet new people here and make friends. Also, enjoy the festivities of 4th July.

8. Admire old treasure at Peña Adobe 

Peña Adobe is of relatively small size. The area is full of Vacaville history and also boasts of some oldest buildings in Solano County. The oldest structure is standing still from the year 1842. Pena Adobe is a perfect family tour place. The Historical Society of Pena Adobe takes pride in preserving the family heritage for over a decade now. You can visit here every first Saturday of the months February and December.

9. Jelly Belly Factory

The factory is located at the edge of the Vacaville town neighboring Fairfield. If you have a sweet tooth, the place is a heaven for you. The Jelly Belly Factory has a 40-minutes walking tour. You can watch the production of many of the jelly products here. Visit the working factory and know how they produce the world famous sweets.

10. Drink all you can at the home of Budweiser 

Take a tour of the Budweiser House. The house opened in 1976 and is responsible for all the Budweiser supply in North-east region of the USA. You can also find out the renewable source of energy the house has been using for decades. Visit and find the secret to America's most favorite alcohol beverage. Apart from all these, the house also hosts events like car shows and music concerts year-round.

11. Vacaville Premium Outlets

On your way to the Nut Tree, you will come across these amazing Premium Outlets. You can see here large varieties of stores covering both sides of the Nut Tree Highway. Although prices are very moderate, the quality of the products is outstanding. The stores are always filled with people whenever holidays approach. Try visiting these Premium Outlets during working days to avoid crowd.

12. Morningsun Herb Farm 

Morningsun Herb Farm - imageImage Source: flickr.com

Visit the farm between 9 am to 5 pm, and they'll be happy to serve you. The farm not only displays the herbs produced organically by local people, but it also shows the vast collection of flowers and some fruit trees. You can find some beautiful garden ornaments, including an extensive range of fertilizers for your plants. Buy all you can see at lowest possible prices. 

13. Alamo Creek Bike Trail 

Alamo Creek Bike Trail - imageImage Source: flickr.com

One of the most popular destinations in Vacaville is Alamo Creek Bike Trail. It used to be a rail track in the olden times according to locals. The trail is around 4.4 miles and has asphalt pavement. The Nut Tree is adjacent to it. The pathway is an enjoyable ride for a leisure biking session.

14. Al Patch Park

Al Patch Park is one of the most advanced and vast parks. It has a football field, three ball fields, a running track, and more. In the vicinity, you can take a glance at California and Peabody. People visit here every morning for their routine workout session. There are plenty of restrooms and parking available.

15. Brazelton Ranch

The beautiful Brazelton Ranch lies on the Grand Canyon Road in Vacaville and is open daily from 8 am to 5 pm. Since years, the ranch has been producing and then selling the fruits. During summer, you can find multiple varieties of apricots, peaches, and nectarines. Satsuma Mandarins are available in the month of July every year.


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