Events and Festivals in Varkala

The 'Sivagiri Pilgrimage' held at the end of the year is a good spiritual retreat, for those inclined towards spiritualty. 30th December to 1st of January is when this event takes place. The Janardhana Swamy Temple celebrates the Arattu festival in the Meenam month during the months of March-April. During this you will also get an opportunity to see the traditional Kathakali dance, which also is the highlight of the festival. Another such spiritual festival is the Karkidaka festival, which is observed on a full day in either July or August.

Additionally, the Malayalam New Year is celebrated on a large scale in Varkala. Referred to as Vashu locally, it falls in the month of April. A public holiday is observed during this day.

And then we have the Onam, popular worldwide. Celebrated during August and September this is essentially a rice harvest festival. Rice being the staple food of Kerala, this festival holds great importance. This is that time when you can see the famous snake-boat races!

All in all, Varkala’s festivals and events mostly incorporate those of spiritual and religious significance. But, don’t judge already! Remember the hippy vibe of this place, Chances are you might come across a music festival too.

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