How to Reach Varna


  • By Air: The Varna Airport is located 8 km east of the city’s centre. Different airlines ply to different cities and some flights are seasonal. Be sure to check online properly before booking. A free shuttle service exists between the airport and the centre. Buses and taxis are also easily available.
  • By Train: The train station is stone’s throw away from the city centre. Trains run daily from Sofia, Rousse and Plovdiv. An international train that connects Varna with cities like Kiev, Bucharest, Moscow, Prague and Warsaw also plies but the stops vary according to season (the train stops at more stations during the summer).
  • By Car: You can use the A2 from Sofia, E70 from Bucharest and Rouse, and the E87 from Romania and Istanbul to reach Varna by car.
  • By Bus: You can avail a bus to Varna from cities like Sofia, Plovidiv, Istanbul, Burgas and Veliko Tarnavo. Buses also ply to Greece, Romania and parts of western and central Europe.
  • By Boat: It is possible to take a cruise to Varna; you can choose Navisped and reach the city from places like Turkey, Ukraine and Georgia. The passenger cruise terminal is located close to the city centre.


  • On Foot: You can get around the coastal area of Varna on foot.
  • By Bicycle: It is possible to explore Varna by bicycle. You can peddle to the Varna Sea Garden and some of the beaches of this beautiful city.
  • By Bus: Public transportation in Varna is convenient and reliable. More than 40 bus lines exist in the city that connect to almost all its neighbourhoods.
  • By Taxi: Reliable taxi companies like Alpha taxi, Evro, Triumph, OK Trans and Varna exist in the city and can be availed.