Top Historical Monuments and Landmarks in Varna

Varna is full of historically important monuments and is perhaps the best place to witness history unfold. The wonderful monuments and the rich history attached with the destination make Varna one of Top Historical Destinations in the world. Varna is a very historically important place and thus sees a lot of tourists every year. Whenever you are planning to visit a historical monument in Varna or a place of historical significance, it is always good to know a little information about the place, its opening and closing times, the ideal duration of visit and the need of tour guide to visit the historical monuments of Varna. Explore the historical monuments of Varna with a guided tour or opt for in-depth information of its historical account, this Varna guide is your go-to option for free. Move to things to do in Varna page for the complete list of attractions and activities.

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Let's witness the history of Varna with these top historical monuments and landmarks:

  1. Cathedral Of The Assumption Of The Virgin

    #1 of 6 Historical Places in Varna
    Cathedral Of The Assumption Of The Virgin

    Tags: Church, Religious Site, Architecture , Cathedral

    Address: Plaza Kiril I Metodii, 2, Varna, Bulgaria

    Timings: 08:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    This is the largest Bulgarian orthodox cathedral in Varna. It is also the residence of the bishopric of Varna. The cathedral is located right in the middle of the city. The panoramic view of Varna is ...Read more

  2. Aladzha Monastery

    #2 of 6 Historical Places in Varna
    Aladzha Monastery

    Tags: Cave, Monastery , Archaeological Site

    Address: In Naturpark, Varna, Bulgaria

    Timings: 09:00 am - 10:00 pm Details

    This is an orthodox Christian Cave Monastery. It is an archaeological site that is ocated 17 kilometres to the north of Varna. The caves have been hewn into a 25 metre high cliff. The place is dedicat...Read more

  3. Varna Archaeological Museum

    #3 of 6 Historical Places in Varna
    Varna Archaeological Museum

    Tags: Library, History Museum, Educational Site, Historical Site

    Address: 41, Bul. Maria Louisa, 9000 varna, Bulgaria

    Timings: 10:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    This is one of the largest museums in Bulgaria. The exhibition area covers an area of 2150 square metres. The museum displays objects from the prehistoric, ancient Greek and ancient Roman times. The c...Read more

  4. Roman Spa

    #4 of 6 Historical Places in Varna
    Roman Spa

    Tags: Art And Culture, Historical Site, Monument

    Address: San Stefano Str., Varna, Bulgaria

    Timings: 10:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    This ruin site is one of the most important cultural monuments in the country. The Public Baths of Odessus date back to 4th century AD. But they are one of the most well preserved monuments that belon...Read more

  5. Park-museum Of Military Friendship 1444 Vladislav Varnenchik

    #5 of 6 Historical Places in Varna
    Park-museum Of Military Friendship 1444 Vladislav Varnenchik

    Tags: Museum, History Museum, Memorial, Exhibition

    Address: Yan Huniyadi blvd, 1, Varna 9027, Bulgaria

    Timings: 09:30 am - 05:30 pm Details

    This is a memorial complex dedicated to the Polish- Hungarian King Vladislav Yagello. It is located right where the historical battle of 1444 took place. The museum covers an area of almost 8 acres. P...Read more

  6. Euxinograd

    #6 of 6 Historical Places in Varna

    Tags: Park, Palace, Architecture

    Address: Sv. Konstantin and Elena, Euxinograd, 9002 Varna, Bulgaria

    Timings: 10:00 am - 03:00 pm Details

    This is a Bulgarian royal summer palace. It is located kilometres to the North of Varna. It is situated on the Black Sea coast, at an altitude of 49 metres. The building has been modelled after the Fr...Read more

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