How to Reach Vatican City


There are no airports for flights into Vatican City. Taxi, tram, metro, bus or foot… you’ll have to do it from Rome. No boats or planes. Just ask around how to get there. Everyone knows and a few might actually point out their favourite-most-scenic route to take. It’s a spiritual experience, after all.

  • Metro Line A Stop Cipro/Ottaviano
  • Buses 49, 490, 491, 23, 492, N11, N10
  • Tram No. 19


You must foot it, and believe me, you would not have it any other way. Most of the place is anyway off limits to the common people. What little you can see is best taken in at a leisurely pace, and you can’t do that if you’re zipping around in a car (which is a privilege usually only extended to diplomats and other VIPs). Just make sure to wear comfortable shoes.

Guided Vatican City tours are the best way to get around. The prices for the Holy See sponsored tours are:

  • Vatican Museums + Garden - EUR 32
  • Vatican Museums + Saint Peter's Basilica : EUR 37
  • Necropolis + Vatican Gardens + Vatican Museums : EUR 37