Events and Festivals in Vellore


  • Pongal: Pongal is the South Indian harvest festival celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm in the city and it a main annual event with lot of visitors.
  • Tourist Fair: A huge tourist place is arranged in January where tourists get introduced to local culture and food. Vellore itineraries are incomplete without this extravaganza.


  • Shivaratri: The festival that worships Lord Shiva happens during this time. Shaiveites fast on this and offer their prayers to the Lord.


  • Rama Navmi: The Birthday of Lord Rama is one of the important events celebrated in Vellore.


  • Carnatic Music Carnival: A huge music festival is experienced by the region around this time at Thiruvariyar.

August and September:

  • Saral Vizha: Initially a therapeutic way of bathing, it has become an important annual event in the state.
  • Navatri: The North Indian Dandiyaraas blends with the Tamilian rituals and the nights light up during this time.
  • Velakanni: People from Vellore travel to the Velakanni festival to offer prayers to Virgin Mary at this shrine which is famous in all of India.


  • Diwali: Diwali is the main festival of India that celebrated Lord Rama’s victory over AsuraRavan. Karthigaideepan is the traditional celebration in Tamil Nadu – something that no Vellore vacation planner should ignore.


  • Christmas: The Christian community in Tamil Nadu infects the whole state with their joy and enthusiasm.
  • Kanthuri Festival: This regional spiritual festival attracts people irrespective of their faiths and is one of the main events in the region.